Hello guys! I’m getting a little irregular nowadays, aren’t I? Though my life is getting a bit hectic, I can never  get over my addiction to wattpad and nor do I want to.

In between my busy schedule, the one story that kept me addicted till the end was [sic].

Since I had previously read a romantic wattpad story, THE HOODIE GIRL, I was browsing to read a story from Mystery genre,when I found this really interesting and weird looking title and thought of giving it a try. Sometimes I just have this habit of not reading the brief intro of the story the author provides, because I do not like to know the details of the story before hand. So the title offering very little information, and me, having no clue as to what the story is, started to read it. Read on to find out my take on it.

TITLE: [sic]



The story is a very refreshing and a new one, nothing like I have ever read, not in wattpad, and not even from the novels I had read. The story revolves around a game, ‘Eureka’. It is not just a fun game, it is based on the psychology of the human mind, on how it responds and accepts the situations that are indirectly spelled out to us by the society.


David, the founder of Eureka, is fascinated by people characterizing themselves based on how the others want us to be. He starts experiments to try to see if he can change the way they perceive themselves and sometimes harming people in the way, but not really caring about its after effects. Jacob, is a friend of David and he, along with five others are involved in playing the game, Eureka, with David.

Eureka is a game in which a person, when tagged, has to change his/her life within 15 minutes. David believed that it brought out people to do things which normally they wouldn’t. As the game went on between these six high school students, there arises jealousy, ego, deception and some hard truth, which changes the their lives totally. But whatever the game did to them, it didn’t matter as they got addicted to it, which was the only source of constant change in their miserable life.

With the bumps along the way comes the real twist, the death of their leader, David.

The story starts off with the death of David, and Jacob explaining all about the game and the things it did to their life.

The story kept me hooked till the end. The author had did a very commendable job of detailing the intricacies of the human tendency, and paralleling it with their lives.

The last message from the story that, change is constant, that it is better to adopt to changes voluntarily, before change forces itself on us, just nailed the whole crux of it.

A brilliantly written piece worth every second to spend!

Here’s the link to the story: [sic]

My rating: 9/10







For all those people in relationships planning and dreaming about your Valentine’s night, and those who had a very romantic day with your loved ones, and those who had a nasty day, (don’t worry, not all days will be in peaks, your time will come, so smile please ☺), a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 😁😁😁 For those single people in search of love, let this Valentine’s day be a new accumulation to the already existing romanticism, and I want you to know that your future partners are so lucky that you have been saved for them for a long time! 😇 

Today’s special review for Valentine’s day is a cute romantic story, set in a high school. There is nothing about mystery or a big twist in it, but just the way you could feel the romance brewing between the couple is enough to make you keep going on. The cuteness level is so damn high that you could almost gush at them sometimes!

I’m not going to reveal more this time and grab your dose of fun reading it, other than the fact that, Wren is a cute, shy high school girl, with some sad past and doesn’t even realize that she is cute. And Asher is the heartthrob of the school who happens to gey acquainted with her.

The friendship between Wren and Mia, her best friend, the fun they all have together with Asher’s friends, and the love and bonding feel so real.

You can be cheesy for once and read this one for Valentine’s day, as it will make you fall for Love more!

My rating : 8.5/10

A happy story on a happy day to lift your spirits up!




Hello guys! For this month, my pick is, ‘Confessions about Colton’, which is a thriller story. This story is one of the few mystery stories that kept me in the edge of the seat, from the start to the time I completed it. 

The story opens up right in the middle of the strange plot, where Elliott Parker grieves for the death of his best friend, Colton. There was always a lot of mystery surrounding Colton, like the time he disappeared some time back and no one could find out where he was, but he came back without giving so much as an explanation. But this time, he was gone, for good. 

During the memorial service for his friend, Elliott gets a letter from the murderer of Colton, stating the reason for his murder will be revealed if he  would follow some things he mentioned in the letter and search for the next clue to the letter. 

Elliott was, at first, doubtful to take it up or not, but his curiosity to know the reason for his friend’s death  got the better of him and he started searching for clues and soon one led to an other, and he was baffled by the things he started learning about Colton, that, at one point, he felt like he never knew anything about his best friend. 

The things which were revealed by the clues, exposed a different side of his friend and also some details about what he did during his first disappearance. 
And in comes Colton’s girlfriend and Elliott’s sister into the plot and the mystery kept growing till the very end. 

The climax was the most powerful one of all. The twist in the end was just so unexpected and the plot was handled well. 

Kudos to the author for writing such a gripping tale and revealing things only what the readers needed to know in the beginning and directing the readers towards one thought  and opening out an entirely different thing in the end. ☺ 

Click here to read the story : Confessions about Colton

My rating : 8.5/10




Marley Parker has no other way, but to live with her brother and her father, with whom her mother got divorce when she was just 10 years old. Her brother is a popular school jock and she is a timid yet pretty girl with specs.

Her brother doesn’t stand up for her in the beginning, when his own friends make fun of her, but in the end he comes to her rescue. She gets a new friend in school and there are accounts of how she enjoys with her friend.


And there is a complicated background story about her mother and her grandmother and her so-called date and her ex-boyfriend. The author tries to bring in multiple story lines into one and have seems to have mixed up the thread with one another.

Though the story about her mother and the reason why she came here was credible, the story would have been better if it was only focused on that. Instead there was an unnecessary introduction about her ex-boyfriend who happens to end up in the same place as hers.The climax was cliched and expected.

It is a decent try for the author, the language and the narration are good. If the author has focused on a single story line, it would have come out much better.

My Rating: 6/10



Hey folks! I cannot apologize this time with any valid reason for not updating any reviews. It’s just that I haven’t gotten around to read more wattpad stories. So finally I made myself to select one story to see if its good to review. And once when I started it, there was never stopping until I completed the story. Read on to find out the review of the story that intrigued me!




This is a fiction story based wholly on zombies. When a virus spreads around the whole of world and people starts turning into zombies, Cash, a normal working woman in US, takes a hold of the situation around her and adopts herself to survive in the zombie populated world.

The story just jumps in to the main crux with a no-nonsense attitude, with people turning into zombies. As she escapes, she could see the world literally changing before her eyes with people attacking each other. The world changes from highly populated humans to highly populated zombies and it becomes a very difficult task to survive in this world.


In this scenario, she meets Clutch, ex-military, with whom she stays in as a refugee. And after a few days, the truth sinks in and she realizes that things are never going back to normal and she has to change herself to live in this world.

Thus begins her ordeal to train and fight zombies, the basic sustenance of how humans are surviving and the bigger issue of humans battling humans.

The writer has weaved the story before our eyes and it is a must-read story for people who likes fiction stories.

My rating: 8.5/10

How do you like my review? Do comment below.

I will be back soon with an other interesting review 🙂



Hello wattpaders, once again! After taking a long break from Wattpad and this blog, I am back with a bang with a very interesting and psychological thriller ‘Trapped’! Read on to find more about it.




Kelsey Miller, a sixteen year old, was kidnapped, tortured and raped by two men for many months after which she finally escaped. She only knew one of the kidnapper and never knew the second person at the hands of whom she suffered the most. She was a virgin when she was raped brutally, and was left to bleed. She was shut in a cabin in woods and was raped repeatedly by both of the kidnappers and tortured mentally and was made to do things which would haunt her for life.

When she escaped after some months, she still was not able to identify the second kidnapper and the first kidnapper got away on a slight technicality. The horrors she underwent made her a dead person on the inside. She shut out everybody and spent her time trying to cope up and forget what happened, but instead spent time in relieving the past trauma. Her only pillar of support was her step brother, Luke, in whom she felt a safe haven.


When she was still in her depression, the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a survivor happened to her. She was once again forcefully taken by the same kidnappers, by mentally manipulating her by kidnapping an other virgin. Kelsey did not want anyone else to go through what had happened to her and so she fell into the trap again.

How did she come out of her second trap? And most importantly, who was the second kidnapper, who even eluded the police?

Read on to find out -> Trapped

With a mix of a psychological thriller and a very powerful narrative of the pain a rape survivor goes through, the author clearly reflects the feelings of the Kelsey to the readers. A definite read for people with a thirst for psychological thriller.

My rating: 8.5/10



Hey guys! Sorry I took a long break, but I can not skip ‘Pick of the Month’, can I?




Riley was the most popular jock in the high school, football, girls, gang of friends and all. But due to an unfortunate accident, he lost his sight and thus his hope for life.

Ellie is a simple girl who has just moved to the
new town and was trying to get adjusted to it. She feels curious about Riley, but everyone else in the school avoids him as he uses anger as a shield to ward off people away from him.3297489-176-k545942

Ellie tries to break his hard surface but he can not really believe that someone is actually interested in him. He does not want pity from people and when someone shows that, he feels like the dependent person, he always has to be hereafter in his life.

Ellie, in spite of his rude ways to shut her off, finds a way to wiggle into his life. The two become very close. Riley’s hard nature starts to soften and he does things what Ellie says, which he had not done even if his parents told him too.

What unfortunate accident made him lose his eye sight? the guilty conscience of that keeps digging at him. Will he finally accept to get help to get his lost sight back?

Read on to find out -> The boy who lost his sight

My rating: 8.5/10






This one from the genre, ‘Mystery’ involves unraveling the mystery surrounding the death of a girl, Fiona. Dr.Graves is the coroner for a county under which this death falls under. The story follows up to the Dr.Graves trying to solve the mystery behind the death of this girl with some surprises sprung upon the way.

Dr.Graves was intrigued with the death of this small-town girl. There was no suspicious activities for her death. Yet, she seems to feel that there was. Her best friend, Jack Lawson, is trying to solve this case which comes up with interesting facts and packages. 


A popular mystery writer comes at her door step, and brings a color into her life. She feels good to be there with him. But the death of the girl still nags her mind. She feels that the obvious answer is not really answer.

Read on to find out how she find out the person behind it -> Dirty Little Secrets

I don’t want to reveal much as the other mystery stories as it would just spoil the suspense. But I’m sure that the twist will be worth it.

This is such an interesting, standard case,with twists and surprise details at the right turn. Hope you enjoy it.

My rating: 8/10




Hii guys! 😀 This is my 50th post and this would not be possible without your support 🙂  I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of my followers, the people who liked my post, commented on my post. Each and every one of you is so important to me. Without you guys, I would not have come to this stage.

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I have tried to keep it interesting by adding wattpad guides, ‘Pick of the Month’ and an Interview. In future, I am trying to come up with different aspects instead of just reviewing stories. I believe you guys will be supportive in that too.

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Generally, I do not post filler posts, but this time I made an exception. This post is dedicated for each and every one of you!:)

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