The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield – Entertaining through every word

Title: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield

Author: ninyatippett

Genre: Romance

This one makes me gush over it like a ardent fan, that I can re-read it over many times more. Not just is it romantic, it also pegs a lot about the social status and the strength of a woman.

Charlotte Samuels is working as a waitress in a grand, posh restaurant Marlow, where she meets Mr. Maxfield, a loving old man whom she looks up to as her father figure. What she did not expect is, his son, Brandon Maxfield, to be an arrogant, cocky man and what’s more is when he is being blackmailed by the good old Maxfield senior, to marry Charlotte. The more surprising element comes in when she is offered a million dollars by Brandon to act as his wife.

Charlotte has a huge debt left behind by her late father, which she can never pay with her current job. Tempted by the offer of money and to teach the arrogant Brandon a lesson, she accepts to be the transient wife.

What follows is the journey of Charlotte among the highly wealthy people, trying her hand at being the way people want her to act as being Mrs. Maxfield and not being to fill into the shoes of the perfect Mrs. Maxfield the society wants her to. She stands up for what she is, radiating confidence around, never tries to filter out her feelings from her mouth, makes friends easily when people look beneath her to what she is. Along the way, Brandon falls heads down in love with Charlotte and she can’t seem to resist her charms. Brandon stands by her when she puts her best foot forward in the social circle and never stands down when she is being judged.

An fully entertaining tale throughout, with the way Brandon swells up with pride every time she stands up, the way Charlotte speaks out her mind and renders others speechless with her comebacks, breaks the monotonous living expected out of the wife of Brandon and carries on the burden of being Mrs. Maxfield with ease.

A must read story for every wattpader!

No, cut it out! A must read story for ‘all’!

Here’s the link for the story: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield

My Rating: 9/10

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Hey friends! Glad to see some following all my posts.

Today we are going to see a different genre that I am yet to review.

Clue? A story for a Twilight series lover or a Vampire diaries fan! Yeah guys, you got it right! Vampire, it is!

Title: Vampire in Denial

Author: DaleMayer

Genre: Vampire

Though I am not a hardcore fan of vampires, I do read books on it and I bet you haven’t read or seen anything similar to this!

This about a girl in a vampire family, only that she is not a vampire, not at least totally. Tessa has vampire genes in her but also have human genes! Awesome,right? Not for her. She is seen as an outcast in her species, though she has a very loving family. She feels alone and unwanted that she can’t do things like other vampires too. She does not have any vampire friends, only humanS. She feels that she is not gifted with any abilities like her siblings. Only that she is wrong.

Featured image

When one of her human friends gets kidnapped by a group of vampires, Tessa goes out in a mission to rescue her friend. What follows is a tale of  whirlwind happenings of recognition, romance, acceptance, chase and a lot more added together in one package. 

Cody, her brother’s friend and his dad’s close friend’s son, falls for the Tessa and they acquire the ability of communicating with each other through their minds (Its cute to look at love blossoming between them!) Cody assists her in her pursuit to find her friend and the reason when uncovered, is going to bring a fight between their own species and shake the foundation of their belief.

This is not a single story and there is a lot of parts following it, and believe me, if you once started reading one, there is no stopping! Dale Mayer just excels each story by its sequel and a lot of hidden truth surfaces, hanging the way people look at Tessa, from indifference and disgust to respect and sincerity.

Vampire lovers, go ahead and take a look and I’m sure you will not get bored as the story unfolds.

Here’s the link for the story: Vampire in Denial

My Rating: 9/10

Do voice your feedback about the picks and the stories!


Title: Bermuda

Author: karimsuliman

Genre: Well, you would have guessed it from the title. Fiction obviously!

This one has lots and lots of imaginative places and characters ( I mean ‘characters’ and not Humans!). If you want to chill out and enter into a world of creative world with unimaginable creatures, like the movie ‘Avatar’, this one is for you!

Bermuda triangle is still a mystery for many scientists and explorers. This story is about the possible happenings in the Bermuda triangle and linking it with the ongoing happenings in the world. Heather is being sent on a mission to find out about the mystery behind it. With the others sent before have not returned, Heather is under a lot of pressure to conclude the mission with success. Here enters Burke, who is kept in exile because of some of his ideas about Bermuda triangle, creating a controversy. Heather smuggles Burke with them on their mission and their crew faces a bundle of mysterious creatures out there.

Featured image

The powers of the creatures, their intelligence ans their abilities are well-defined and brings a feeling of awe to the readers. The author has painted a clear picture of the creatures’ abilities that it makes us sometimes feel jealous.

P.S: I haven’t revealed much about the plot as I don’t want to break the suspense.

The link for the story: Bermuda

Will I read it again? Maybe

My Rating: 8/10


Title: My Life With the Walter Boys

Author: Fallzswimmer

Genre: Humor

What happens when a girl is made to live in a house of 12 boys? Not to mention, all the boys look like a male model who have just stepped out of a commercial!

Those girls out there might think, ‘What a lucky chick she is?’ Well girls, you’re wrong. It is difficult to live in middle of a house with unknown guys; when you are not welcome. And in top of that, it is even terrible when your family just died and you have to move out of your familiar city.

Featured image

Meet Jackie Howard, who happens to be forced to live with Katherine Walter and the boys in Colorado, after the sudden deaths of her parents and sister in a car crash. She has not heard about the Walter family or Katherine(who is her guardian), for that matter, prior to the death of the family. Katherine is a sweet woman who is willing to take Jackie from New York to Colorado. Jackie has second thoughts about moving away from her home and her familiar city. When she has no other choice, she accepts.

Most of the Walter boys turns a cold shoulder towards Jackie. She struggles to get a hold on to her new changes in life. She tries to fit herself in, with the boys. One by one, the indifferent attitude of the boys towards her changes. What happens when she has fallen for one Walter? Even better, what happens when she is given the opportunity to become girlfriend to another Walter? The conflicts between the boys and brotherhood behind the conflicts stands out clearly.

The story is a beautifully painted as to how the boys accept her as one among them and how she fits in and becomes amicable to every boy in the family. The portions where the boys converse with each other, their mischief and gossips are humorous.

Altogether, it’s a well-written story, which has correct ratios of humor and romance.

Here’s the link to the story: My Life With the Walter Boys

Will I read it again? The second time may not be as green as the first. Worth reading once.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Waiting to hear your feedback guys!


Title: The Girl he Never Noticed

Author: Neilani Alejrandrino (sweetdreamer33)

Genre: Romance

To all those romantic softies out there, this one is a must-read story! It made me cry, smile and blush all along the entire story.

Jade, a beautiful girl who hid behind large rimmed glasses and loose-fitted clothes, had a past known only to her sister and mother, which made her get branded as a nerd and weirdo. Who really was she? What is the reason behind her transition from a carefree pretty girl to a nerdy one?

Eros, extremely handsome, rich and powerful business man, who is hard-hearted, unmoving, ruthless person. His employees feared him and his enemies had qualms to cross him. Everything about him screamed ‘Evil’.

The Girl He Never Noticed-sweetdreamer33

Eros, employer of Jade, saw through her. What made him look through her disguises, at her pretty face and heart? Eros had never felt something like this in his life before. He wanted to keep her with him, so he gave her the most unexpected job of making coffee for him in his house whenever he required. Jade made him change his rude attitude and struggled not to fall for his handsome face. Being new to this feeling, he did not know how to handle himself and went on to hurt her in the process.

Will they express their love for each other? Will the past come stalking to them?

A story of anticipation mixed with good proportions of romance making the reader wanting more of Jade and Eros.

Here is the link for the story: The Girl He Never Noticed

Will I read it again? I have already read it thrice!

My Rating: 9/10

Looking forward for your opinions, both good and bad!

Future Picks

Hey Guys! Hope you liked the review of ‘Pitch Black’.

Someone asked me to mention some stories which I am going to review. So I browsed through my Wattpad Reading List and picked out some, which I hope you guys like. So I am just going to post a list of stories I am going to review in the future, so that you guys can know what to expect. Almost all stories mentioned are in different genres. Here it goes:

  • The Girl He Never Noticed                    –                              Romance
  • My Life With The Walter Boys              –                              Humour
  • Bermuda                                                   –                              Science Fiction
  • Vampire In Denial                                   –                              Vampire
  • The Mischevious Mrs. Maxfield            –                               Romance

If you have some recommendations, do let me know.

I’ll be posting the review of ‘The Girl He Never Noticed’ in a couple of days.

Hang on till then!


Title: Pitch Black

Author: Elise Noble

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Pitch Black-Elise Noble

Pitch Black by Elise Noble is a story of a lady, Ash by name, who leaves the city all of sudden and disappears from her friends and well-wishers after the sudden murder of her husband . She surfaces in a small town with a new identity. But can she put her past behind?

Luke, a wealthy guy from the same town, falls for this new version of Ash, charmed at her easy-going attitude, not knowing the hard surface underneath. After a long time, she finds herself happy with Luke. She seems contended to be with him, but behind the scenes, she is looking for the reason behind her husband’s murder.

When Luke’s sister is kidnapped, she goes back to her old sources and friends and her true identity surfaces.

Will Luke still accept her? Is she ready to face Luke after untruthful stint with him?

This is the first book in the series of three books of  The Blackwood Series. The other two books are Into Black and Forever Black.

I would highly recommend to read this series for those who just have joined wattpad as this was one among the stories I first read which propelled me to read more in wattpad.

The link for the story is here: Pitch Black

About the Author:  Elise Noble is one of the standard authors in wattpad, whose stories are always intriguing and fresh. Almost all the books is of great caliber who never fails to surprise the readers with bold twists in plots.

Will I read it again?  Definitely!

My Rating:  9/10

Feel free to comment your opinions and suggestions…

Stay tight till the next pick!


Welcome to Wattpad Review Corner!

Ardent fans of wattpad who are in deep dilemma to go through the vast ocean of stories to pick one to read and those who are trying their first hand in wattpad, this blog is what you need, guys!

Why Wattpad?                                                                                                                                                     Wattpad is a great platform for amateurs to start reading stories to develop an interest in it. Also, it is very handy to have it in your mobiles and is also an distinguished arena for new talent to showcase their writings. Furthermore, for bookworms like me, it just has a vast supplies to read to our heart’s content.

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In this blog, you will be able to look through the suggestions to pick out the stories to your liking or you can also request review of a particular story or can also get suggestions for a specific genre of story.

Feel free to comment your opinion, friends…

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