Title: Pitch Black

Author: Elise Noble

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Pitch Black-Elise Noble

Pitch Black by Elise Noble is a story of a lady, Ash by name, who leaves the city all of sudden and disappears from her friends and well-wishers after the sudden murder of her husband . She surfaces in a small town with a new identity. But can she put her past behind?

Luke, a wealthy guy from the same town, falls for this new version of Ash, charmed at her easy-going attitude, not knowing the hard surface underneath. After a long time, she finds herself happy with Luke. She seems contended to be with him, but behind the scenes, she is looking for the reason behind her husband’s murder.

When Luke’s sister is kidnapped, she goes back to her old sources and friends and her true identity surfaces.

Will Luke still accept her? Is she ready to face Luke after untruthful stint with him?

This is the first book in the series of three books of  The Blackwood Series. The other two books are Into Black and Forever Black.

I would highly recommend to read this series for those who just have joined wattpad as this was one among the stories I first read which propelled me to read more in wattpad.

The link for the story is here: Pitch Black

About the Author:  Elise Noble is one of the standard authors in wattpad, whose stories are always intriguing and fresh. Almost all the books is of great caliber who never fails to surprise the readers with bold twists in plots.

Will I read it again?  Definitely!

My Rating:  9/10

Feel free to comment your opinions and suggestions…

Stay tight till the next pick!



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