Title: The Girl he Never Noticed

Author: Neilani Alejrandrino (sweetdreamer33)

Genre: Romance

To all those romantic softies out there, this one is a must-read story! It made me cry, smile and blush all along the entire story.

Jade, a beautiful girl who hid behind large rimmed glasses and loose-fitted clothes, had a past known only to her sister and mother, which made her get branded as a nerd and weirdo. Who really was she? What is the reason behind her transition from a carefree pretty girl to a nerdy one?

Eros, extremely handsome, rich and powerful business man, who is hard-hearted, unmoving, ruthless person. His employees feared him and his enemies had qualms to cross him. Everything about him screamed ‘Evil’.

The Girl He Never Noticed-sweetdreamer33

Eros, employer of Jade, saw through her. What made him look through her disguises, at her pretty face and heart? Eros had never felt something like this in his life before. He wanted to keep her with him, so he gave her the most unexpected job of making coffee for him in his house whenever he required. Jade made him change his rude attitude and struggled not to fall for his handsome face. Being new to this feeling, he did not know how to handle himself and went on to hurt her in the process.

Will they express their love for each other? Will the past come stalking to them?

A story of anticipation mixed with good proportions of romance making the reader wanting more of Jade and Eros.

Here is the link for the story: The Girl He Never Noticed

Will I read it again? I have already read it thrice!

My Rating: 9/10

Looking forward for your opinions, both good and bad!


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