Title: Bermuda

Author: karimsuliman

Genre: Well, you would have guessed it from the title. Fiction obviously!

This one has lots and lots of imaginative places and characters ( I mean ‘characters’ and not Humans!). If you want to chill out and enter into a world of creative world with unimaginable creatures, like the movie ‘Avatar’, this one is for you!

Bermuda triangle is still a mystery for many scientists and explorers. This story is about the possible happenings in the Bermuda triangle and linking it with the ongoing happenings in the world. Heather is being sent on a mission to find out about the mystery behind it. With the others sent before have not returned, Heather is under a lot of pressure to conclude the mission with success. Here enters Burke, who is kept in exile because of some of his ideas about Bermuda triangle, creating a controversy. Heather smuggles Burke with them on their mission and their crew faces a bundle of mysterious creatures out there.

Featured image

The powers of the creatures, their intelligence ans their abilities are well-defined and brings a feeling of awe to the readers. The author has painted a clear picture of the creatures’ abilities that it makes us sometimes feel jealous.

P.S: I haven’t revealed much about the plot as I don’t want to break the suspense.

The link for the story: Bermuda

Will I read it again? Maybe

My Rating: 8/10


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