Hey friends! Glad to see some following all my posts.

Today we are going to see a different genre that I am yet to review.

Clue? A story for a Twilight series lover or a Vampire diaries fan! Yeah guys, you got it right! Vampire, it is!

Title: Vampire in Denial

Author: DaleMayer

Genre: Vampire

Though I am not a hardcore fan of vampires, I do read books on it and I bet you haven’t read or seen anything similar to this!

This about a girl in a vampire family, only that she is not a vampire, not at least totally. Tessa has vampire genes in her but also have human genes! Awesome,right? Not for her. She is seen as an outcast in her species, though she has a very loving family. She feels alone and unwanted that she can’t do things like other vampires too. She does not have any vampire friends, only humanS. She feels that she is not gifted with any abilities like her siblings. Only that she is wrong.

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When one of her human friends gets kidnapped by a group of vampires, Tessa goes out in a mission to rescue her friend. What follows is a tale of  whirlwind happenings of recognition, romance, acceptance, chase and a lot more added together in one package. 

Cody, her brother’s friend and his dad’s close friend’s son, falls for the Tessa and they acquire the ability of communicating with each other through their minds (Its cute to look at love blossoming between them!) Cody assists her in her pursuit to find her friend and the reason when uncovered, is going to bring a fight between their own species and shake the foundation of their belief.

This is not a single story and there is a lot of parts following it, and believe me, if you once started reading one, there is no stopping! Dale Mayer just excels each story by its sequel and a lot of hidden truth surfaces, hanging the way people look at Tessa, from indifference and disgust to respect and sincerity.

Vampire lovers, go ahead and take a look and I’m sure you will not get bored as the story unfolds.

Here’s the link for the story: Vampire in Denial

My Rating: 9/10

Do voice your feedback about the picks and the stories!


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