The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield – Entertaining through every word

Title: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield

Author: ninyatippett

Genre: Romance

This one makes me gush over it like a ardent fan, that I can re-read it over many times more. Not just is it romantic, it also pegs a lot about the social status and the strength of a woman.

Charlotte Samuels is working as a waitress in a grand, posh restaurant Marlow, where she meets Mr. Maxfield, a loving old man whom she looks up to as her father figure. What she did not expect is, his son, Brandon Maxfield, to be an arrogant, cocky man and what’s more is when he is being blackmailed by the good old Maxfield senior, to marry Charlotte. The more surprising element comes in when she is offered a million dollars by Brandon to act as his wife.

Charlotte has a huge debt left behind by her late father, which she can never pay with her current job. Tempted by the offer of money and to teach the arrogant Brandon a lesson, she accepts to be the transient wife.

What follows is the journey of Charlotte among the highly wealthy people, trying her hand at being the way people want her to act as being Mrs. Maxfield and not being to fill into the shoes of the perfect Mrs. Maxfield the society wants her to. She stands up for what she is, radiating confidence around, never tries to filter out her feelings from her mouth, makes friends easily when people look beneath her to what she is. Along the way, Brandon falls heads down in love with Charlotte and she can’t seem to resist her charms. Brandon stands by her when she puts her best foot forward in the social circle and never stands down when she is being judged.

An fully entertaining tale throughout, with the way Brandon swells up with pride every time she stands up, the way Charlotte speaks out her mind and renders others speechless with her comebacks, breaks the monotonous living expected out of the wife of Brandon and carries on the burden of being Mrs. Maxfield with ease.

A must read story for every wattpader!

No, cut it out! A must read story for ‘all’!

Here’s the link for the story: The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield

My Rating: 9/10

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