Hey guys! It has been a long time since I posted. So I wanna post about something more special and compelling to read, so that it makes up for the delay. Here it is, something so inspiring and pressing, that it ignites a spark in the readers as the story progresses.


AUTHOR: Kate J. Squires (Blondeanddangerous)

GENRE: Romance

Irresistible and daring story that not only borders on romance, it blatantly speaks about self confidence and acceptance of oneself. It has a lots of meanings held under the story line.

Evianna, a popular TV host, is adored by millions of fans all over for her charming attitude and her quick reflexes in her talks. Her shows reaches out to millions and she hits off with her fans worldwide. She is not really such a confident person as she portrays herself in from of the screen.So what does such a successful and famous person need?

She is not a size-zero figure as the other TV anchors. In fact, she is fat. She feels self-conscious about herself and had qualms about her attractiveness or the lack of it. She has a charming and handsome co-host, whom she likes, but she does not express her opinions, afraid of rejection based on experience. She thinks that how could such a handsome guy like her back.

She is suddenly put on a new show, which is about going to different places and exploring different professions and interacting with them. Initially reluctant, she later finds an opening eye to accept herself and find herself beautiful as she is. The path through the whole journey of the new show takes her to different places and experience their ways and the backstage happenings, trying to spread peace and joy among those she met and, in return, gaining insights on the way of life, about the way to perceive others and oneself, how to appreciate what one has and be contented and confident about the way she is.

Featured image

This story is a 2014 watty award winner. It actually makes one embrace the way one is, skinny or fat, the way you look and accept yourself and ooze confidence about your appearance is the way others perceive you. It boldly says to your face about one’s most innermost fears getting identified and how to make peace with.

This story just prepares the right recipe for a happy and contented life.

Here’s the link for the story: The Curves Ahead

My rating: 9.5/10

Feel free to comment on your opinions and about how you enjoyed this story!


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