AUTHOR: HANNAH JAYNE (@HannahJayneAuthor)

GENRE: Mystery, Teen fiction

This plot has a lot of suspense and an abundant dose of mystery with it, which makes the readers to anticipate and guess eagerly about the reasons and about what is going to happen next.

Sawyer, a normal teenager (that’s how she looks for the others), finds herself in middle of a shadowy plot, after the death of her boyfriend, Kevin. Though Kevin and Sawyer looks like the normal kind of couple. they are not. Someone happens to know the unfortunate secret behind their relationship and starts to shadow her. She finds messages in her locker and she is aware of the person following her every move. She finds it hard to confide it with anyone, even with her best friend, Chloe.

Featured image

This story has a lots of twists filled with a little amount of fear, mingled with a surge of excitement as to what is going to get unfolded next. It makes the readers hooked to every word and every movement of development in the story. The climax is filled with great suspense and as one gets to unravel the reason behind, it gets totally surprising and needs some time to digest it.

My rating: 8/10

Enjoy it and do tell me how much you like it!


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