AUTHOR : SHORTY (@notjustarandomgirl)

GENRE : Teen Fiction

This is a romantic story, which you can not sit back, relax and read with a can of orange juice. There are some intense feelings in it that there are polar opposite feelings emerging from inside as we progress through the story. This is one of the story which lingers in the mind and wanna make you reach out and change the occurrences.

Victoria Peige studies in a school where all the wealthy kids go to. Her best friend, Chloe, is confident and beautiful and she dates a lot of boys which never ends up well. They always seem to end in a tragic breakup. Victoria finds that Zachary Anderson, an arrogant wealthy son of her parents’ rival, is the reason behind this. He seems to do this because he has feelings for Chloe and threatens her boyfriends to break up with her. Victoria, thinking to save her friend from an another miserable heart break, becomes his girlfriend voluntarily, so that his vision is diverted from Chloe.

What happens when she falls in love with the bad boy himself? What if the line blurs between her acting and the real feelings? What happens when Zach starts to love Victoria? What happens when Chloe goes through a change of heart?

The finishing of the story is nothing expected. Hats off to the author for her brave attempt for such a closure, though there were a lot of hatred filled comments.

A compelling love story, which pricks deep inside the heart and wells up the heart with sadness when Victoria is worried.

For all those sweet little hearty romantic readers, this will be a completely different story which you would not have come across. The feelings played with cheating, betrayal, lies submerged and mixed with love and compassion and the fight between love are one to allow to settle and sediment in.

My rating: 9/10




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