Hey guys! Today we are going to venture into a new genre, which we haven’t touched in the past. This genre is for the brave souls and strong hearts! ūüėõ

Today’s pick is from the genre ‘Supernatural’!

I was like most others, afraid of reading such stories because I don’t want to scare myself in middle of the night by looking at my shadow, or be one of those girls who runs from kitchen to bedroom with eyes closed, when the house is pitch dark! ūüėÄ May be I am over doing it, but I know there are some who actually does these things. So consoling myself to be hard and brave, I decided to read a story which contains some supernatural, unexplained mystery in it. I’ll say about my experience at the end of review.

So here it is. My first pick for the genre Supernatural.

THE ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST by Joshua-Graham is a short story, so I decided to test waters on it first! This is about a lady, Abigail Lee, who works as a psychiatrist with the forensic department, when she comes across a unique case. A lady who killed her baby. The mother is declared insane and acquitted Abigail finds something strange in it but she could not put her finger on it. So she is shocked when she gets a call from the Father,saying that Abigail is asking to meet her.

The supernatural happenings that follows are totally spiritual, but instead of creating a sense of fear at the end, it creates a sense of belief and makes one feel secure. One may expect to get frightened by reading such story, but I did get a strange feeling of being safe after reading the story, though the story is quite scary in some parts where the insane mother is involved. Read it to know what I mean.

Overall, this is one story that could be given a shot by¬†the weak hearts, who are ready to try a little scary story and the advantage is, it is short and so the scary part gets over quickly! That’s something to hope for, guys!

Here is the link to the story: The Accidental Exorcist

Do express your views guys!

My rating: 8/10


THE HEARTBROKEN HEARTBREAKER by SamMadison is one of those stories in which a tragic feeling always lingers behind the words in it. Though romantic and branded in the genre Humor, the story line is more or less serious, especially towards the second half of the story.

Evans had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Cedric.She tries hard to cope up with herself, but she feels herself lost as she had grown up with him and had always had him with her whenever she needed him. She also sees her best friend with Cedric and gets devastated. Determined to piss him off, she talks with Seth, who Cedric does not like and the same can be said for Seth too.

Unlike the outside image of a playboy and the most popular, hot guy in the campus, Seth seems to be lonely inside and opens up to her about his personal difficulties. She also gets acquainted with his group of friends and feels at ease with them.

Cedric is not happy about her being with Seth and tries to  discourage her from seeing him. She is baffled about why Cedric still seems to care about her even after her breakup and also the reason why Cedric and Seth hate each other. With some family drama behind, Seth struggles to hold it together, while Cedric hides the reason for their breakup.

With a turmoil of emotions in Seth’s mind about his parents and his relationship with Evans, he takes a decision, which may or may not be good for them. Read on to find about it!

Here’s the link for the story:The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

The combination of the happiness shared by the lead couple and finding comfort with each other and the fun they have, with the disturbances in their relationship, are so strong to impact the readers and drive them to go on with the story.

My rating: 8.5/10

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As similar to the last review in the genre ‘Mystery’, today we are going to see a similar review of the story from the same genre.

‘Joker in the Pack’ is written by one of my favorite author Elise Noble,¬†whose stories covers a vast genre and is inviting to read.

This one is about Olivia, who after a bad breakup is left almost broken, when she suddenly inherits a house from her aunt in a quite countryside. Having nowhere else to go, she decides to take a leap and go to the countryside house. The atmosphere there is quiet different from the place she was from, with eager people interested in her matters but at the same time helping her in times of need. She gets acquainted with some people there and makes some friends.

But fate has different plans for her, when her house is being sabotaged again and again. The quite countryside is not as it seems as it holds dark secrets underneath. With the help of a guy suggested by her friend, she traces the reasons of the happenings back to the old times which has more hidden details than it would reveal.

Though the start of the story does not promise much of a thriller, as the story progresses, unsolved questions starts to rise in one’s mind and the story conceives into a hardcore thriller.

For those guys who want to start on a light, decent thriller, go for it.

The link of the story is -> Joker In the Pack

My rating: 8/10

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May be each one of you will be able to find a suitable writer to exchange and increase their readers through the comments.

All the best guys and stay strong!


Hi friends! We have seen quite a lot of stories in Teen drama and romance , so I thought may be a change in genre is needed. So today, we are going to see a story in the genre ‘Mystery’.

‘THE LETTER’ by GIOVANA GOYTIA¬†brings fear to one’s mind as one’s travels with the story. The details of the story shrieks horror and creates a frightened aura in one’s mind. This story is worth giving a shot if want a change in the story or for those who loves a mystery hidden beneath.

It is the tale of a teenage girl from a rich family, Victoria, who was constantly abused physically by her own father while her mother would silently shrunk away, without standing up for her. Everything looks good for those who looks at her family from the outside. But inside she silently cries herself to sleep, afraid of whenever her father might snap and beat her and abuse her sexually.

Things started going crazy for Victoria when she started finding letters cropping up regularly wherever she goes. At first it just confessed about knowing about her abusive father, but then the letters started threatening her to do things she would not want to. It also said some truth about her, her family and her friend, which shook the base of the truth on which her life was structured.

What follows is the revelation of identity of the person behind the letter and about her parents. Her life feels threatened by the person behind the letter, who seems to be watching her every move.

The link for the story -> The Letter

P.S: The story is far more than what I have revealed here. I do not want to divulge the essence and the twist in the story.

Give it a try guys, for those who would like a little mystery in the story.

My rating: 8/10



Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted. We had a massive flood in Chennai and there was no power, no wifi or network connectivity. So here I am, after a little gap for the unfortunate circumstances delaying the next review of the story I just completed reading.

So today we are going to see a story with an unique, quirky title, ‘I ALMOST KILLED MY CRUSH’S MOM’¬†by Cherry Cola. The title signifies the beginning of the story and as it goes on, it brings compassion, a lot more laughs and sympathy for the lead character, Lois.

Lois is a selfless girl, who puts other’s comfort in front of hers and is extremely clumsy that she stumbles upon thin air and breaks her leg and has a lot of bruises covering her legs from her unfortunate, self-inflicting accidents.

Lois has a crush on her twin brother’s friend, Jesse. Her twin brother and Jesse belongs to the most popular gang in the school and she is content with watching Jesse from a distance. What happens when she accidentally ¬†backed her car into Jesse’ mom and breaks her leg?

No one knew who did it, but the ever compassionate Lois comes forward to meet Jesse’s mom and confess her part in the accident. It;s not the way to get introduced to your crush, but there she was, admitting her fault. Jesse hates her at first but soon cuts her slack when he realizes that it was equally his mom’s fault to be involved in the accident.

Lois volunteers to take care of Jesse’s mom to make up for her fault and soon Jesse becomes friends with her and confides in her. He asks for her help to win his ex-girlfriend back. As the ever selfless Lois accepts, she finds herself in midst of her feelings for Jesse and trying to please him by giving him information about his ex, though it breaks her heart to do so.

What she does not know is that Jesse is unknowingly falling in with her too. So who is going to break it first? How are they gonna understand each other’s feelings which are transparent for others to see but not for each other?

Here’s the link for the story if you wanna look through:¬†Story Link

Though with a predictable ending, it crushes one to look at all the heart break that Lois goes through. Overall, this is a good story for the romantic guys and also for guys who would love a little bit of drama in their stories.

My rating: 8/10

Looking forward to your views guys!