Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted. We had a massive flood in Chennai and there was no power, no wifi or network connectivity. So here I am, after a little gap for the unfortunate circumstances delaying the next review of the story I just completed reading.

So today we are going to see a story with an unique, quirky title, ‘I ALMOST KILLED MY CRUSH’S MOM’ by Cherry Cola. The title signifies the beginning of the story and as it goes on, it brings compassion, a lot more laughs and sympathy for the lead character, Lois.

Lois is a selfless girl, who puts other’s comfort in front of hers and is extremely clumsy that she stumbles upon thin air and breaks her leg and has a lot of bruises covering her legs from her unfortunate, self-inflicting accidents.

Lois has a crush on her twin brother’s friend, Jesse. Her twin brother and Jesse belongs to the most popular gang in the school and she is content with watching Jesse from a distance. What happens when she accidentally  backed her car into Jesse’ mom and breaks her leg?

No one knew who did it, but the ever compassionate Lois comes forward to meet Jesse’s mom and confess her part in the accident. It;s not the way to get introduced to your crush, but there she was, admitting her fault. Jesse hates her at first but soon cuts her slack when he realizes that it was equally his mom’s fault to be involved in the accident.

Lois volunteers to take care of Jesse’s mom to make up for her fault and soon Jesse becomes friends with her and confides in her. He asks for her help to win his ex-girlfriend back. As the ever selfless Lois accepts, she finds herself in midst of her feelings for Jesse and trying to please him by giving him information about his ex, though it breaks her heart to do so.

What she does not know is that Jesse is unknowingly falling in with her too. So who is going to break it first? How are they gonna understand each other’s feelings which are transparent for others to see but not for each other?

Here’s the link for the story if you wanna look through: Story Link

Though with a predictable ending, it crushes one to look at all the heart break that Lois goes through. Overall, this is a good story for the romantic guys and also for guys who would love a little bit of drama in their stories.

My rating: 8/10

Looking forward to your views guys!




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