How to gain more readers in Wattpad

In wattpad, we have a lot of people writing stories in wattpad almost equal to the number of people reading it. Every one want to get their stories recognized and want their story to be one among the most popular stories in wattpad.

There is no other better people to support than your fellow wattpaders.

The other writers also want to gain publicity as much as you want to. There is no race here to come first. There is only one thing that everyone wants-more readers. A little help from each other would boost the both their readers.

One can search for writers in the same genre and promote each other to their own followers so that their readers base can increase. One can share their stories to their blogs, to help them increase their readers base and, in turn, will get more readers to read your story. This is better than sending individual messages to many wattpaders.

The other way in which you can publicize is to get a writer with more fan base to recognize you. It’s not as easy as the above way, but it’s worth giving it a shot as it may get you more followers and readers than anything else. Comment regularly on their chapters and then try them to have a glance at your story. If they do respond positively,try to get a shout-out in exchange for writing a review in amazon or on any other site where their books are being published. If not, move on to another popular writer. It is best to get a writer in your own genre, as it increases the possibility.

May be each one of you will be able to find a suitable writer to exchange and increase their readers through the comments.

All the best guys and stay strong!


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