Hi friends! We have seen quite a lot of stories in Teen drama and romance , so I thought may be a change in genre is needed. So today, we are going to see a story in the genre ‘Mystery’.

‘THE LETTER’ by GIOVANA GOYTIA brings fear to one’s mind as one’s travels with the story. The details of the story shrieks horror and creates a frightened aura in one’s mind. This story is worth giving a shot if want a change in the story or for those who loves a mystery hidden beneath.

It is the tale of a teenage girl from a rich family, Victoria, who was constantly abused physically by her own father while her mother would silently shrunk away, without standing up for her. Everything looks good for those who looks at her family from the outside. But inside she silently cries herself to sleep, afraid of whenever her father might snap and beat her and abuse her sexually.

Things started going crazy for Victoria when she started finding letters cropping up regularly wherever she goes. At first it just confessed about knowing about her abusive father, but then the letters started threatening her to do things she would not want to. It also said some truth about her, her family and her friend, which shook the base of the truth on which her life was structured.

What follows is the revelation of identity of the person behind the letter and about her parents. Her life feels threatened by the person behind the letter, who seems to be watching her every move.

The link for the story -> The Letter

P.S: The story is far more than what I have revealed here. I do not want to divulge the essence and the twist in the story.

Give it a try guys, for those who would like a little mystery in the story.

My rating: 8/10




  1. I read this story, and it has a second part called ‘Broken Princess’, and even when I think it is great, it isn’t finished. The author hasn’t continued uploading for more than six months I think.

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