As similar to the last review in the genre ‘Mystery’, today we are going to see a similar review of the story from the same genre.

‘Joker in the Pack’ is written by one of my favorite author Elise Noble, whose stories covers a vast genre and is inviting to read.

This one is about Olivia, who after a bad breakup is left almost broken, when she suddenly inherits a house from her aunt in a quite countryside. Having nowhere else to go, she decides to take a leap and go to the countryside house. The atmosphere there is quiet different from the place she was from, with eager people interested in her matters but at the same time helping her in times of need. She gets acquainted with some people there and makes some friends.

But fate has different plans for her, when her house is being sabotaged again and again. The quite countryside is not as it seems as it holds dark secrets underneath. With the help of a guy suggested by her friend, she traces the reasons of the happenings back to the old times which has more hidden details than it would reveal.

Though the start of the story does not promise much of a thriller, as the story progresses, unsolved questions starts to rise in one’s mind and the story conceives into a hardcore thriller.

For those guys who want to start on a light, decent thriller, go for it.

The link of the story is -> Joker In the Pack

My rating: 8/10

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