THE HEARTBROKEN HEARTBREAKER by SamMadison is one of those stories in which a tragic feeling always lingers behind the words in it. Though romantic and branded in the genre Humor, the story line is more or less serious, especially towards the second half of the story.

Evans had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Cedric.She tries hard to cope up with herself, but she feels herself lost as she had grown up with him and had always had him with her whenever she needed him. She also sees her best friend with Cedric and gets devastated. Determined to piss him off, she talks with Seth, who Cedric does not like and the same can be said for Seth too.

Unlike the outside image of a playboy and the most popular, hot guy in the campus, Seth seems to be lonely inside and opens up to her about his personal difficulties. She also gets acquainted with his group of friends and feels at ease with them.

Cedric is not happy about her being with Seth and tries to  discourage her from seeing him. She is baffled about why Cedric still seems to care about her even after her breakup and also the reason why Cedric and Seth hate each other. With some family drama behind, Seth struggles to hold it together, while Cedric hides the reason for their breakup.

With a turmoil of emotions in Seth’s mind about his parents and his relationship with Evans, he takes a decision, which may or may not be good for them. Read on to find about it!

Here’s the link for the story:The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

The combination of the happiness shared by the lead couple and finding comfort with each other and the fun they have, with the disturbances in their relationship, are so strong to impact the readers and drive them to go on with the story.

My rating: 8.5/10

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