Finding love in coffee shop – Conflicting Emotions

Happy New year guys! Let this year bring lots of happiness to you 🙂

Finding love in coffee shop is a romantic story with a mix of dark secrets and the strains in relationships. This one, by Jordan, is most easily the romantic story which also is not so simple and breezy as the title seems. This is a lot intense with strong emotions hidden underneath the simple title.
Katie, is a college student who lives with her brother. She happens to meet the handsome and charming Will in the coffee shop. They both start to get liking for each other. Will also seems to hit off with her brother. It may seem like a normal romance between two people, but it is not.

With Katie’s brother getting into trouble and Will’s ugly past catches up to him, though he tried to turn a new leaf in his life.  Katie is not so happy about the turn of events in the lives of her loved ones.  With troubled mind, she takes a harsh decision for her brother.
She is badly mistaken if she thinks that everything is going to br solved. She gets caught up in middle of Will’s past. How they get themselves out of it is what the climax is.
This one is w little different love story than the other Teen fiction ones or even the usual romantic ones. There is some serious issues underneath the all-so-beautiful romance, on par with the mystery surrounding the lead pairs.

The link for the story is here->Finding love in coffee shop

Go for it guys and let me know how it turned out for you 🙂
My rating: 8/10


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