The other day, one guy, who was new to wattpad was asking me all these questions about how it works. So here I am going to give the basic steps to sign in and explain how it works.

Basically, you can access wattpad in mobile or by using PC. We will go through the necessary steps to make you a wattpader!

How to sign in?

Signing in to wattpad is easy. You can login with your facebook account, or to create a account you just need to enter your username, email and password. Bang! You now have an account in wattpad!

Once you lo in again in the same mobile, you need not give your password at all. Just give your mail id and voila! you can directly go into your library! This is one of the features that comes in handy for me when I hard reset and forget the password.

How to select stories?

You can just type the genre you want to in the ‘Search’ box in ‘Discover’ tab, or if you are using it in PC, you can select one from the drop down list of Discover. Select a story that you find interesting. Generally the author will provide a quick outline of the story and you can decide to opt for it, by reading it.There will also be recommendations depending on the type of the story you read, once you have started using it.

There are two kinds of story: One is completed story and the other is ongoing story. You can check whether a story is completed or not by scrolling to the end of the story in mobile or just clicking on the story in PC, which will prompt a snap in front in which it will be specified whether the story is ongoing or completed. Some prefer completed ones, while some likes a little suspense to wait for the update. Go for your choice!

We will see a detailed way of selecting the right story for you in a latter post.

How to add stories?

Just click on ‘Add to Library’ option in the story and Voila! your story will now be present in the ‘Library’. You can remove it from library easily by clicking on remove.

Once you have added it to the Library you can open the story and change the mode of scrolling/paging, background, fonts and brightness according to your choice. You can like/comment on a chapter, which is pretty much self-explanatory once you open the story.

Can I use it offline?

Yes, you can(if you have it on mobile, obviously)! The best part I love about wattpad is the ability to read offline. Once you have added the story to the library, you could just open the story and scroll it for a few pages and then the entire story would be downloaded in your mobile! You can read it wherever you want!

Once you have completed a story, you can move it to the ‘Archives’, but you will not be able to read it offline once you moved it there. Archives is most important to me because this is where I save the stories I have read and then browse through it to review it on this blog!

A drawback is if you clear data for the app or uninstall and install again the Archives become blank, but you can still access all the archived stories from the browser.

What are the reading lists for?

The Reading List are the place where you can add the stories you like. You can create number of lists of your own choice and make it public for others to see, or you can have it privately.

To follow and be followed

You can follow your friends to see their new updates on the reading lists, or you could follow any author or any interesting person of your choice. You can view their activity on the ‘News feed’ tab.

You can also send messages like any other social networking site.

What are notifications for?

Notifications are for receiving info about new followers or any new story updates.

I think I have pretty much covered every basic thing one need to know about wattpad. If you have any more question feel free to ping me!



  1. I just found a couple of books I really enjoy there. Haven’t been there over a month and I’m getting it . some really talented folks out there who are just happy to entertain. It’s a very rich and lively literary place I have ever visited on the web

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