‘CONFESSIONS OF A WEDDING PLANNER’ by Michelle Jo Quinn is a story with combinations of romance and hard emotions. This is a story revolving around a girl, Veronica, who is having her own wedding planner firm along with her friend, Chase.

Veronica does not say no to anybody, especially not to her boyfriend, Jake. So when he asked her to plan his wedding with an another girl he just met, she said ‘yes’. It is killing her inside to plan for the wedding, where she should have been the bride, but instead found herself in the arrangement side, hurting herself to look past her feelings to arrange a great wedding to her ex-boyfriend.

She is trying hard to keep her emotions at check, when another complication pops up in the form of Levi, a gorgeous guy who is Jake’s close friend. Levi looks like a girl magnet as well as a trouble magnet for girls, so Veronica tries to steer clear of him. But she is going to forget his charms and just appear like he just not exist.

When Ver and Levi and put together by circumstances, it becomes even harder for her to stop herself from falling for him. There happens some dramas in the wedding scenario and Ver is torn between her love for her ex-boyfriend and her growing attraction towards Levi, the best man, from whom she is getting some signals.

Torn between her past emotions and her current overwhelming feelings, she tries to decipher her true feelings and where they lie.

This is a romantic story with lots of complications which every love story involve. This is a love story for love story suckers, and not for the usual crowd to browse through. Romantic lovers will sure love this! Give it a shot!

Here’s the link for the story -> Confessions of a wedding planner

My rating: 7.5/10


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