This one was not the usual type of story that I would normally read. This was definitely not the type of story that you will find a 20 year old girl reading intently on a lazy Saturday afternoon. But that was exactly how I found myself, once I started reading this story. I never imagined to find such an affinity towards the ‘secret spies and military agents’ kind of story, yet I found myself drawn to it once I passed through the first 4 chapters and was so restless to find out what the story is going to unfold into.

So now for all those who are wondering what is all these fuss about, here is the outline: A secret project called ‘Project Sparta’ to train the most brilliant prodigies in US, recruits ten people who are gifted with each of their own exceedingly talented capabilities. After their training period, they are being employed for various important assignments, scattered all around. When one member defects from the group and rebels against the government plotting clever schemes to bring destruction on a mass scale, the Spartans(that is what the trained recruits are called) come together to find out the black sheep and put an end to it.

Xander Whitt is one such exceedingly brilliant person with great memory capacity who is being led into the trail guided by the clues from the defected Spartan. It is almost as if he mocks the other Spartans to find him. It is very difficult to pin point who the Spartan is, because they have been trained so well to cover their tracks that whatever the data that can be found on him is the things that he wanted them to find out. Xander along with the other Spartans spins their own web to nab the defected Spartan.



I haven’t went into much details because I don’t want to break the suspense for those who want to read it. The story then revolves around the ways the Spartans aids the mission with each of their unique yet useful ability to track and come up with a plan. The underground training place and the facilities, the brilliancy and the unique ability of each Spartan is just so impressive. Also the kinds of tests they undergo, the way in which each is devised are so interesting. And the transitions of the chapters altering between the present and the past injects even more suspense to the plot.

For all those guys who love action movies, this one is a must-read! And for those who wanted to venture into a new genre, like me, give it a try! I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Here is the link to the story -> Project Sparta

My rating: 8.5/10



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