There was this happy author tweeting that he had finally completed a book on wattpad. Amidst the happy congratulatory tweets in response was one tweet, commenting that how a  wattpad story is not equivalent to a book.

You call result of the hard work of days sitting in the night thinking about the development of the story and all those hardships faced when trying to travel past the writer’s block and provide with an interesting story for the readers, from which they only get the benefit of appreciation, as something ‘not’ equivalent to a book?

Man, definitely he is going to need to do some damage control!

There are thousands and thousands of writers out there in wattpad, who writes only to get some recognition, spending precious time in working with the story, without any other expectations. Even when they sometimes have some serious issues with their lives, one single comment from a reader on how awesome the story is, propels them to push past their personal difficulties to continue with their story. After all these efforts, can’t these stories be compared to a book?

What is the difference between a publishes book and a story on wattpad, other than that the book is available in hard copy?



The wattpad stories are definitely interesting, sometimes more than some published books. Both kinds of authors put in their best effort, have equal talent and passion towards writing? How can such a story be not equivalent to a book?

If there are more people out there with the same mentality, they need to reconsider their perspectives and broaden their minds and offer at least some amount of appreciation to these selfless authors, who puts up such beautiful stories on wattpad.

And to all those amazing writers on wattpad, you rock guys!


13 thoughts on “RESPECT WATTPAD WRITERS(#WattpadBooksAreRealBooksToo)

  1. Why don’t people understand that wattpad isn’t just One Direction fanfics only? There are so many great books out there that are worthy of getting published!

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  2. Ask Rebecca Skye. RKClose and Juliette Lyons and Elicia Hyder about it. All money making authors. All from Wattpad. I don’t even think this deserves discussion. Of course they’re books. Why even defend it? Ignorance usually stays that way.

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