‘BEAUTIFUL DREAMER’ is an imaginative perspective about the narrow line between reality and dreams. The author tries to convey that the dreams that we conjure has an effect on the reality of life more than what we think. Also there is a fear embedded behind the lines of the story throughout, which brings out the feeling of a thriller.

Parker Elway, a normal teenage girl, starts having strange dreams. But she brushes it off, until her dreams seems to take a real shape. Her mom, who is strict and distant, does not believe her and takes her to a psychologist. As the days go on, her dreams becomes even more violent that she feels like someone is trying to kill her. She experiences anxiety every day in the night when she goes off to sleep that her innermost fears are going to be exposed.

With the help of her friend, she starts to comprehend the real story of her life and some of the visions of the past happenings. Together, they unearth the mystery about the Elway family line, which leads them to the happenings in the dreams that she sees.

On the other hand, her dreams are fast becoming so real and she gets the help of witch like girl to guide her back. The revelations about the truth, grasping on to the actual happenings and the difference between the reality and dreams is being clearly written for the readers to get a hold.

download (8).jpg

The last chapter of the book is what I loved the most where it narrates the way in which the common people perceive and the way in which the victim sees oneself. Overall, I would say that it is a refreshing one to go for.

Here’s the link -> Beautiful dreamer

My rating: 8/10



AUTHOR: CourageousReader


This one is like a typical, commercial movie, where the concept of revenge is being introduced when there is something bad occurred in the past.

The story opens with Victoria, the sexy and beautiful girl, hiding behind a bush, waiting for her first target. Then we are introduced to the flashback, where the reason behind the girl lurking in the shadows is revealed.

Samantha had wealthy parents running a jewelry store, who were murdered by her friends whom she trusted. So to take revenge on them and make them pay, she takes the route to disguise and changes her appearance and her name to Victoria and plots her plan to take them out one by one.

In her path for revenge, she meets Alexanders who is an other rival to the friends-turned-enemies of Samantha. Together, they ruin the lives of each and every one of them.

This is for the readers who love cliched movies and commercial ones, it would be an interesting one.

Give it a try -> Sweet revenge

Unfortunately, I am not one for these commercial stories! 😛

My rating: 7/10





“My Perfect Bride” is a psychotic thriller/horror story, which is more in the kinds of the horror type. This one is surely not for the weak hearts!

It starts off with the bride, Rachel, and the groom, Ethan, after their wedding spending their honeymoon in middle of a forest in a cabin owned by the groom’s family. Both of them are from a respected family.


Even from the very beginning of the chapter, the horror some happenings increase by folds. Ethan locks up and tortures Rachel because she slept with someone else before their wedding. Though it is a sin, the punishments that Ethan puts her into are not justified. The details of the horrors are so realistic that my heart rate started beating faster when Rachel plans an escape.

Though Ethan looked normal outside, he is affected internally by his abusive father, which scars him permanently. This behavior takes a toll on Rachel, when she is being constantly tortured by her husband, whose mind wavers from good to bad.

Towards the end of the story, the hardships and physical strain that Rachel undergoes is too painful even to read. But this is a good read for those who are interested in horror stories.

Here’s the link -> My Perfect Bride

My rating: 7.5/10


Hi guys! After a short break from blog due to the excess work in my University, I am back again with a new concept for the blog, ‘Pick of the Month‘! Pick of the Month will be a blog post every month about the wattpad story which I best enjoyed. This will be posted in the first 10 days of the month. Since this idea just sprouted from my head, the post is a little later this month. So stay tuned every month to get the pick of the wattpad! 🙂




This month’s pick is ‘Unhinged’, which falls under the genre ‘Mystery’. I know you guys have had lots of reviews of romantic stories that some men have requested to suggest equal amount of Mystery stories along with the romantic ones. So the first pick of the month is from the requested genre.

Dr.Alexis is a smart young woman who gives love advice on FM station and also holds sessions for couples separately. Alexis’ show is a great hit and everyone loves her. No, not every one. There is one stalker who starts off with harmless hints, but then it culminates into a full blown spree into harming her.

Alexis is with her brother, both of whom were adopted. The one woman show on FM station is changed into a conversation based one, with an attractive male counter part, a Dr.Ryder, with similar background. Things with the stalker guy also starts to whiz around madly out of control and when she can’t take it anymore she shares it with her brother and then follows the suspense of who the guy is.



The ending is however very unique. The author has posed two endings, one with different consequences for the readers to accept whatever they want the ending to be. the circumstances that lead to such scenarios are well tuned and matched for both the endings and it is brilliant!

Kudos to the author for showing a different perspective of the life of a FM host, whih is beyond all glitz and glamour.

Here’s the link -> Unhinged

A must try guys!

My rating: 8.5/10

Mr.8 – A Paranormal Thriller

Title: Mr.8

Author: David J.Thirteen

Genre: Mystery

A little break from the majority romantic stories that I have reviewed, I decided to take a break from the romantic side and pick one from the ‘Mystery’.

This one, ‘Mr.8’, is a unique title which caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. It is a mix of mystery and a bit of superstitious ideas. Though the story seems simple in the beginning, it develops into a hardcore mystery, which can only be understood when read with full concentration. Since I’m all for the ‘Sherlock’ kind of stories, I decided to take it.

This is about a psychology professor Denton Reed, who is being asked assist in a murder case. The murder is followed by a series of other similar ones, with the similarity being the mark of ‘8’. The number 8 has been found scribbled all over the places of where the victim live. Denton decides to do a little scouting on his own, and stumbles across certain mind-boggling truths.



After the first half of the story, one would feel like the story is coming to an end, but it isn’t. It takes a more complicated side with certain aspects of humans that is very hard to understand and believe. The professor also finds that there is a group of guys hunting down and killing people doing on with the ‘8’, thinking they are bad. But after he catches them, he is revealed about more of the concept and the total reason behind it is revealed in a very confusing climax. I do not know whether it is me, but i saw many comments asking doubts about the climax. May be some of you guys are more brilliant than that!

Give it a try for a change!

Here’s the link -> Mr.8

My rating: 7.5/10


Hell0 wattpaders! After a short series of posts other than reviews, we are once again back on our main track of wattpad stories review. Look through our next review.


AUTHOR: closet_anarchist


This is about the story of a teenage girl, Reed, whose mother is a matchmaker, who always tries to get her into some sort of date with random guys since she crossed 12 years. Fed up of her mom’s incessant match making trysts, she takes up the matter herself to find a boyfriend for her, or at least someone who would act in front of her mom as her boyfriend.

Now enters the arrogant, charming and handsome(the usual girls-drool-over type of guy) Parker, who rides a motorbike and is nothing like the type of guy her mom would approve. In order to get rid of Reed’s mom’s matchmaking and Parker’s ex-girlfriend’s relentless followups, they come to an agreement to act as girlfriend-boyfriend in front of them. As the two spends time together to convince everyone around us, as you would expect, they fall in love in each other.

The narration is good in the first half where the two talk and goof around. But the part where they express their love for each other is something which could be improved. Other than that, this is some cheesy story for the romantics!

Give it a try -> Stupid cupid

My rating: 7.5/10