Hell0 wattpaders! After a short series of posts other than reviews, we are once again back on our main track of wattpad stories review. Look through our next review.


AUTHOR: closet_anarchist


This is about the story of a teenage girl, Reed, whose mother is a matchmaker, who always tries to get her into some sort of date with random guys since she crossed 12 years. Fed up of her mom’s incessant match making trysts, she takes up the matter herself to find a boyfriend for her, or at least someone who would act in front of her mom as her boyfriend.

Now enters the arrogant, charming and handsome(the usual girls-drool-over type of guy) Parker, who rides a motorbike and is nothing like the type of guy her mom would approve. In order to get rid of Reed’s mom’s matchmaking and Parker’s ex-girlfriend’s relentless followups, they come to an agreement to act as girlfriend-boyfriend in front of them. As the two spends time together to convince everyone around us, as you would expect, they fall in love in each other.

The narration is good in the first half where the two talk and goof around. But the part where they express their love for each other is something which could be improved. Other than that, this is some cheesy story for the romantics!

Give it a try -> Stupid cupid

My rating: 7.5/10



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