Mr.8 – A Paranormal Thriller

Title: Mr.8

Author: David J.Thirteen

Genre: Mystery

A little break from the majority romantic stories that I have reviewed, I decided to take a break from the romantic side and pick one from the ‘Mystery’.

This one, ‘Mr.8’, is a unique title which caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. It is a mix of mystery and a bit of superstitious ideas. Though the story seems simple in the beginning, it develops into a hardcore mystery, which can only be understood when read with full concentration. Since I’m all for the ‘Sherlock’ kind of stories, I decided to take it.

This is about a psychology professor Denton Reed, who is being asked assist in a murder case. The murder is followed by a series of other similar ones, with the similarity being the mark of ‘8’. The number 8 has been found scribbled all over the places of where the victim live. Denton decides to do a little scouting on his own, and stumbles across certain mind-boggling truths.



After the first half of the story, one would feel like the story is coming to an end, but it isn’t. It takes a more complicated side with certain aspects of humans that is very hard to understand and believe. The professor also finds that there is a group of guys hunting down and killing people doing on with the ‘8’, thinking they are bad. But after he catches them, he is revealed about more of the concept and the total reason behind it is revealed in a very confusing climax. I do not know whether it is me, but i saw many comments asking doubts about the climax. May be some of you guys are more brilliant than that!

Give it a try for a change!

Here’s the link -> Mr.8

My rating: 7.5/10


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