Hi guys! After a short break from blog due to the excess work in my University, I am back again with a new concept for the blog, ‘Pick of the Month‘! Pick of the Month will be a blog post every month about the wattpad story which I best enjoyed. This will be posted in the first 10 days of the month. Since this idea just sprouted from my head, the post is a little later this month. So stay tuned every month to get the pick of the wattpad! 🙂




This month’s pick is ‘Unhinged’, which falls under the genre ‘Mystery’. I know you guys have had lots of reviews of romantic stories that some men have requested to suggest equal amount of Mystery stories along with the romantic ones. So the first pick of the month is from the requested genre.

Dr.Alexis is a smart young woman who gives love advice on FM station and also holds sessions for couples separately. Alexis’ show is a great hit and everyone loves her. No, not every one. There is one stalker who starts off with harmless hints, but then it culminates into a full blown spree into harming her.

Alexis is with her brother, both of whom were adopted. The one woman show on FM station is changed into a conversation based one, with an attractive male counter part, a Dr.Ryder, with similar background. Things with the stalker guy also starts to whiz around madly out of control and when she can’t take it anymore she shares it with her brother and then follows the suspense of who the guy is.



The ending is however very unique. The author has posed two endings, one with different consequences for the readers to accept whatever they want the ending to be. the circumstances that lead to such scenarios are well tuned and matched for both the endings and it is brilliant!

Kudos to the author for showing a different perspective of the life of a FM host, whih is beyond all glitz and glamour.

Here’s the link -> Unhinged

A must try guys!

My rating: 8.5/10


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