AUTHOR: CourageousReader


This one is like a typical, commercial movie, where the concept of revenge is being introduced when there is something bad occurred in the past.

The story opens with Victoria, the sexy and beautiful girl, hiding behind a bush, waiting for her first target. Then we are introduced to the flashback, where the reason behind the girl lurking in the shadows is revealed.

Samantha had wealthy parents running a jewelry store, who were murdered by her friends whom she trusted. So to take revenge on them and make them pay, she takes the route to disguise and changes her appearance and her name to Victoria and plots her plan to take them out one by one.

In her path for revenge, she meets Alexanders who is an other rival to the friends-turned-enemies of Samantha. Together, they ruin the lives of each and every one of them.

This is for the readers who love cliched movies and commercial ones, it would be an interesting one.

Give it a try -> Sweet revenge

Unfortunately, I am not one for these commercial stories! 😛

My rating: 7/10


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