‘BEAUTIFUL DREAMER’ is an imaginative perspective about the narrow line between reality and dreams. The author tries to convey that the dreams that we conjure has an effect on the reality of life more than what we think. Also there is a fear embedded behind the lines of the story throughout, which brings out the feeling of a thriller.

Parker Elway, a normal teenage girl, starts having strange dreams. But she brushes it off, until her dreams seems to take a real shape. Her mom, who is strict and distant, does not believe her and takes her to a psychologist. As the days go on, her dreams becomes even more violent that she feels like someone is trying to kill her. She experiences anxiety every day in the night when she goes off to sleep that her innermost fears are going to be exposed.

With the help of her friend, she starts to comprehend the real story of her life and some of the visions of the past happenings. Together, they unearth the mystery about the Elway family line, which leads them to the happenings in the dreams that she sees.

On the other hand, her dreams are fast becoming so real and she gets the help of witch like girl to guide her back. The revelations about the truth, grasping on to the actual happenings and the difference between the reality and dreams is being clearly written for the readers to get a hold.

download (8).jpg

The last chapter of the book is what I loved the most where it narrates the way in which the common people perceive and the way in which the victim sees oneself. Overall, I would say that it is a refreshing one to go for.

Here’s the link -> Beautiful dreamer

My rating: 8/10



  1. This sounds interesting, and the description reminds me of The Love That Split the World plot-wise, only dream-based. I’ll have to check it out! I really appreciate stumbling upon your blog, because I’ve considered reading things on Wattpad several times, but never known were to start and ended up with things that didn’t appeal to me. And then it takes me forever to get back- it’s nice to have someone reviewing these works so I can more easily find ones that are up my alley!

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