A little different from all the teen fiction stories we have seen before. Not only does it contain the all-innocent love of teens, it also adds up an ounce of mystery and suspense in the end, dealing with a very unique kind of psychotic problem.

Tessa Hart, was an usual school girl, until she suddenly dropped out of school and spent all her time locked in her room. She was acting paranoid and nobody knew why, not even her therapist or her mother. Just out of boredom, she joins twitter, where she is smitten by the famous Eric Thorn. Eric Thorn is the every girl’s fantasy guy and Tessa becomes his top fan in tweeting about him. She was the only one who could she sadness behind those smiling eyes of his.


The fan girl talks to her dream guy and soon they fall in love over twitter, They both disclose their deepest fears and mistakes and could understand what each of them is going through. All seems to go well for the couple, when Tessa’s deepest fear began to take shape. The reason why she locked herself in her room was becoming to come and bite her again. Eric, who is also lost in his world of contracts, can not come out free from them.

When Tessa’s fears show in her face, she together with Eric finds solace in each other and does something reckless. The story progresses into something more in the lines of suspense.

A different kind of love story with teen madness, innocence and deceiving lies all throughout.

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My rating: 8/10





This one is type of the romantic stories where both the lead pairs does not open up and express what they feel inside and instead make some wrong assumptions about each other’s feelings.

Mia is married to Damian, but only for namesake. Damian leaves the country and returns after some years, kindling the hidden desires inside Mia. Mia, thinking that Damian does not feel the same way as her, bottles up her feelings and try to get divorce to move on with her life. What she does not know is that Damian feels the same way about her but he tries not to show, afraid of how Mia would react.


 download (10).jpg

The usual, expected ending where two people feels the same way, but fails to understand that the other one does.

A good try for the romantic readers -> King’s wife

My rating: 7/10


Hey again, guys! Thank you all for the 200 follows! 🙂

I wanted to post something special after the 200th follow, so here
it is: An interview with a famous Wattpad writer, Alexia Praks!Author Alexia Praks.jpg

Alexia Praks is a famous Wattpad writer who writes stories in the lines of Romance, Fiction and Fantasy. There are a very few writers who could be versatile in so many genres at the same time. My personal favorite from her works is ‘His Hired Girlfriend’, which blends the natural flow of narration with cute, easy going romance.She has over a 50,000 followers  in wattpad. In spite of her hectic schedule, shuttling between her work as a lab scientist and a wattpad writer, she was so kind to be available for this interview.

Read on find out what she says:

  1. To what do you attribute your success of becoming a famous Wattpad writer?

LOL! I didn’t know I’m a famous Wattpad writer ^_^
I notice a lot of writers who are famous, but have never thought I was one of them. Thanks so much for considering me as one ^_^ I’m honored.

As to what attribute to my success, I think that would be continuously writing and regularly posting chapters on Wattpad. Also write in genre people want to read. Romance is big on Wattpad ^_^

  1. Which among your own work is your favorite?

My favorite work will have to be His Hired Girlfriend. I had so much fun writing that one. It wasn’t actually my first book I’ve written, but it was my first contemporary romance. I remember laughing my head whilst writing certain scenes. One of those was when Jayden happens upon Alexandra in the bathroom when she was taking her shirt off. That scene was fun to write. Ah… The good old days ^_^

  1. Did you come across any hardships while writing your story? If so, how did you get over it?

I had a lot of hardship writing The Earl’s Desire and The Duke’s Revenge. I had to make sure the mysteries fits with the story and that it is nicely resolved at the end. The Earl’s Desire was my very first book I’ve written and I wasn’t experienced enough as a writer back then, so it was hard. What I did was do research on history during the Regency era and also read lots of historical romance books ^_^

  1. Is there any fan message or any experience with fans that is memorable?

Mmmm… Most just write to me telling me how much they love my books, especially the Falling for Sakura series. Some request me telling them who will get Sakura at the end ^_^ So cute. Despite that people think I don’t read messages and reply to them, I actually read all of the messages I received. I just don’t have time as yet reply to all of them. Life is hectic! And I sincerely apologize if I didn’t reply.

  1. When you wrote your first story did you expect to gain so much exposure to your works?

LOL! Nope! Not at all. I just wrote the book because I myself wanted to read that type of book and there was nothing similar available ^_^ I guess a lot of people just like reading what I like to read.

  1. How important is background research for a story?

Research is very important. I’d spend quite a bit of time doing research before writing the book. My historical romance for example. I did a lot of research on the history of nobilities and peerage and all that jazz. Contemporary not so much, just research on locations for book settings etc.

  1. Have you used any of your real life experiences in your stories?

Yes. I’ve used a lot of my life experiences with most of my stories. Particularly my contemporary romance. There’s always something in the book that reflects me and my experience in a certain way. For example, Alexandra Steward in His Hired Girlfriend is a medical lab scientist, which I am. That helps because I know the background stuff. Ruby from Highland Kiss and Chandra from When the Sun Courts the Moon has sisters, which I have (four of them in fact), and they behave just like my sisters behave. Most of my heroines are poor, like Mia Donovan in Chained to You, and has complication financially, which I was and I knew how hard it is to have no money and to struggle to just make ends meet.

     8. How did you get over writer’s block?

When I get writer’s block, I stop trying to write or think of what should come next and just go out for a long walk. When I walk, I’d think about other stories that I wanted to write. Eventually, the writer’s block disappears. I also like to watch anime and movies as well read manga and books. This helps a lot. I always suggest this to others who ask me how I get over it. You just need to give it time. Leave for a while and then come back later

   9. What are some ways to get exposure and attention to one’s story?

First write stories people want to read. You can just write a story that you love, but if it doesn’t resonate with the readers, why would they pick it up in the first place? So write something you think people would love to read. I guess check out what’s hot? The second thing you need to do is have a very good book cover. I’m always attracted to book cover first and foremost. I know how you should never judge a book by its cover, but you know what? Everyone does that. They check out the cover first before reading the blurb. Okay, now onto the blurb. If you can write an amazing blurb in which it pulls people to really want to read the book, then you’ve pretty much got your readers.

   10. How do you manage writing on Wattpad in the midst of busy life?

Two words. Passion. Dedication. I love writing and am very passionate about books and the stories I penned into books. I basically write whenever I can and wherever I can. In the car whilst waiting for my sisters to finish work, in bed before going to sleep, during lunch hour whilst eating, and early in the morning before getting ready. Yep. I pretty much write whenever I can. In 2014, I wrote Falling for Sakura: A Secret Kiss in two months between working two full time jobs, one as a medical lab scientist and another as a cook for our family restaurant. And you know, restaurant work isn’t easy. I was on my feet fourteen hours a day, six days a week. I got Sunday off and that day I’d sleep like the dead and when I got up, I’d write some more. LOL! I remember getting really sick after I finished writing A Secret Kiss. But it was worth it ^_^ I guess I really want to become a New York Times Bestselling, brand named author so I’d do whatever it takes to get there. I’m still not there yet. I have a long way to go. I’m in for the long haul.

   11. Can you say a few words for novice Wattpad writers?

I’ll be honest that I still consider myself as a novice writer. I’m no big seller or big brand name author yet. That’s where I want to be in three to four years. Hopefully I’d get there ^_^ But I guess being on Wattpad for a while makes me a little more than a novice Wattpad writer, huh? LOL! All right, a few words then. Just write! I mean it. Just write shit if you have to. You need to get all the crap out of your system before you can write something good. Heck! I wrote a lot before I could write something good for people to read. And on the topic of reading? Read, people. Read! A lot. Before I started writing my first book, The Earl’s Desire, I read a lot of historical romance until I couldn’t find any more to read in our public library. Hey, I was poor, okay, and library books don’t cost. I remember wanting to read a certain book so badly that I’d go to the book store everyday just to read that book chapter by chapter. I cried when someone bought that book, and I couldn’t finish it. It was that bad. But yes, my advice for Wattpad writer is to read a lot and then just write ^_^

A few words to add….

If you love writing and books and wants to be that famous author, don’t give up. Read. Write. Read some more. Write some more. Even if you don’t make it today, you might make it tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then the next day. The good thing about your story is that it’s yours. No one is going to take it away from you. When you’re ready, publish it. Good luck ^_^

Check out her profile on wattpad: Alexia Praks

Thanks a lot again Alexia for being so cool about this! 🙂





‘White lies’ is a different kind of story in all ways. Usually the main character in the person would be shown with a good image and the plot of mystery is being forcefully dumped on the protagonist by the ‘evil’ character. But no so much here.

Jessabel Griffin, is a compulsive liar. She lies for……. well, she just lies. No reason. Even from a very younger age, Jess had the habit of lying. You would wonder how she got away with lying? The thing is she got away with it, alright, but not for a very long time. Sooner or later, she would be caught, not because she stumbled with her lies (no, she lied like a pro!) but because she would be caught with proof which says otherwise. And soon enough, everyone in the school learnt of how a habitual liar she is that she was branded as a social pariah. She was never had any true friends and she was okay with that.


Due to her spontaneous lying for no reason, she got caught in a murder investigation, in which she was the only witness to last see a hot and famous of their school, alive. She partially lied to the police about what she saw, then again to a group of another people. And soon enough, she became famous as the girl who witnessed the murder.

On her way to lying through teeth through this investigation, she is being asked to act with Nathan, the playboy kind of guy, to whom she lost her virginity. They both are asked to get inside information or any clues pertaining to the investigation. And as the romance brews between them, with the personal troubles from each of their own families, they stay together to uncover the real  murderer behind it.

A different kind of combination of mystery with romance to jazz up!

Here’s the link to the story -> White Lies

My rating: 8/10



This one addresses the most talked topic in any teen life, Virgin card or V Card. This story is from one side of perspective of a certain group of girls, to whom being Virgin, when one is entering into the adult life, is not so very attractive.

Jennifer,  a college girl, who is still carrying her V card at the age of 20 takes an oath to burst it before she aged to 21. So she set out on a mission to fulfill her oath trying to charm a man to get it done. On the way, she meets Dain, the handsome rich guy who has everything a girl could ask for. She is thrown over by his chivalry ans they quickly climb up the ladder in their relationship.

Jen is sharing a home with two other girls and two girls. Both the boys are the hot demand for girls in college, but little did they show interest in their roommates, until Luke, one of the hot roommate hints to Jen about being interested in her.

With her relationship going steady with Dain, she couldn’t risk it for Luke. But what is the meaning of the new feelings of attraction she feels in front of Luke?


This one starts with a simple world of five roommates, but it never is boring. The story is shorter than the usual length of stories in wattpad. The narrative is kept crisp and interesting.

Worth a shot to read a relaxed story.

Here’s the link for the story-> V Card

My rating : 8/10





This is the kind of story which involves the concept of time travel, but with a different kind of plot. It is not the usual go-back-and-change-the-past kind of story. Instead it chooses the concept of people dying with a last death wish on their mind to relive the day of the last person who died again and again,unless someone finds a way out of it.

Hailey, who was shot, is stuck into this timeline of reliving the day she died, with a bunch of guys who had died earlier. She makes one last wish to tell her best friend, Brent, that she loves him and this made her to get caught in middle of the transition between life and death.

Here she comes across Alex, whom she seems to fall for, putting Brent out back.Brent tries to fight for her love, competing with Alex. She carried forward her own destruction by making one last death wish and in her hands lies freedom for the others like her.

It is a fresh breath among the fiction stories that we had seen so far. Give it a try!

Here’s the link-> The day

My rating: 7.5/10

This concept actually makes me wonder that if one gets to relieve a particular day, what would it be? Will one change it or let it be? I personally would not want to change anything because it is a part of the journey of how i had become.

If you guys had option to relive a day what would it be? Would you want to change anything?

Comment your opinions if you get to relive a day!




Hi again! This one, ‘Chasing Red’ is one story which I have waited to complete to review it here. This is one of my favorites for which I would regularly wait for updates regularly. Take a peek in at the review.




This is one of the best romantic story that I have read and I could not wait to review it!

Veronica is easily the gorgeous girl, who is kicked out of her apartment and is on her own. Caleb, the notoriously famous and wealthy guy, gives her place to stay in his house. Soon the attraction between them grows and Caleb tries to pursue her, but is being stopped by the wall that she has built around her.

The small romantic cute little things they do are so adorable! Slowly Veronica comes out of her cocoon and it seems like they have a happy life after that. But it is not so. They are many complications in their relationship, like in the form of Bea, the jealous friend of Caleb, who tries to ruin their magic. Also there are so issues with his mother and between themselves.
download (9)

Even with all the struggles they never drift apart and stay close to each other. In fact their love only increases by manifolds when they are put through such hardships in their relationship.

One may wonder about the title of the story and what that means. So ‘Red’ is practically how Caleb calls her after he first met her in a club wearing a red dress with red lipstick,wasted and drunk, because she has been thrown out of her apartment. And after that, he fondly calls her ‘Red’! So romantic, right?

The review that I have given now does not do justice to the real story at all!

So the hardcore romantics out there, do not miss this one!

The cute relationship and the talks and the love between them makes the readers fall in love with Ver and Caleb again and again.

Here’s the link -> Chasing Red

My rating: 9/10