This is the kind of story which involves the concept of time travel, but with a different kind of plot. It is not the usual go-back-and-change-the-past kind of story. Instead it chooses the concept of people dying with a last death wish on their mind to relive the day of the last person who died again and again,unless someone finds a way out of it.

Hailey, who was shot, is stuck into this timeline of reliving the day she died, with a bunch of guys who had died earlier. She makes one last wish to tell her best friend, Brent, that she loves him and this made her to get caught in middle of the transition between life and death.

Here she comes across Alex, whom she seems to fall for, putting Brent out back.Brent tries to fight for her love, competing with Alex. She carried forward her own destruction by making one last death wish and in her hands lies freedom for the others like her.

It is a fresh breath among the fiction stories that we had seen so far. Give it a try!

Here’s the link-> The day

My rating: 7.5/10

This concept actually makes me wonder that if one gets to relieve a particular day, what would it be? Will one change it or let it be? I personally would not want to change anything because it is a part of the journey of how i had become.

If you guys had option to relive a day what would it be? Would you want to change anything?

Comment your opinions if you get to relive a day!




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