This one addresses the most talked topic in any teen life, Virgin card or V Card. This story is from one side of perspective of a certain group of girls, to whom being Virgin, when one is entering into the adult life, is not so very attractive.

Jennifer,  a college girl, who is still carrying her V card at the age of 20 takes an oath to burst it before she aged to 21. So she set out on a mission to fulfill her oath trying to charm a man to get it done. On the way, she meets Dain, the handsome rich guy who has everything a girl could ask for. She is thrown over by his chivalry ans they quickly climb up the ladder in their relationship.

Jen is sharing a home with two other girls and two girls. Both the boys are the hot demand for girls in college, but little did they show interest in their roommates, until Luke, one of the hot roommate hints to Jen about being interested in her.

With her relationship going steady with Dain, she couldn’t risk it for Luke. But what is the meaning of the new feelings of attraction she feels in front of Luke?


This one starts with a simple world of five roommates, but it never is boring. The story is shorter than the usual length of stories in wattpad. The narrative is kept crisp and interesting.

Worth a shot to read a relaxed story.

Here’s the link for the story-> V Card

My rating : 8/10


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