Hi once again guys! I’m back again with a review from my favorite genre, Mystery!




This is a story in the lines of a brave female person, who ain’t afraid to stop and catch serial killers.

She is actually a serial catcher who captures serial killers!

Cliche, right? Not until you hear the remaining.

She is from the wealthy family, where she can get whatever she needs, But she does not take interest in the type of things rich girls do, like shopping, partying, romance, love, gossiping. Instead, she takes an interest towards serial killers.

Sapphire watches for serial killers, hunts them down and hands them over to the police. But nobody, not even the police can find out who this person is, who does their job and hands them these killers. Also the captured guys are so ashamed of being captured by a girl that they never reveal any details about her.


Everything was smooth for our serial killer ‘catcher’, when the hunter becomes the hunted.  A serial killer kidnaps a girl and mocks her to rescue the girl, by sending a part of her body! Never had she felt anything like this, being put in a tight spot. She follows the clues and tries to find him, but he is always one step ahead of him. A police detective, Ashton, also is on the scent to find out more about the killers and this ‘catcher’. With him a few steps behind her, Sapphire is on a desperate hunt to save the life of the girl, which is dependent on her.

The story is good for female readers looking for a bit of mystery. It is fast and racy, yet a little predictable for those who have read mystery novels all their life. Yet, worth a shot for such a different kind of story.

Find the link here : Stalking Sapphire

My rating: 8/10


Many of the wattpad writers have strained day and night, fought many battles and have sacrificed personal life to write a better story in wattpad.

Why do they go to such efforts to deliver a story?
Just one reason. Search for Appreciation.

But when they don’t get any exposure , it seems as if all the efforts and sacrifices are in vain.
But when they get the first like or the first appreciative message, all the efforts they have put into will seem trivial.

A group of such wattpad writers have come together and started a hashtag
#goodundiscoveredgems for such writers to link their stories to the hashtag and get more readers.

So wattpad writers all around the world, please promote it and do share your own works too with #goodundiscoveredgems. Also fans of wattpad, help fellow wattpaders by sharing about it.





Hello guys! Hope you all are doing well 🙂

After my diversion into the genre of  Futuristic Fiction, I decided to try a little inside story and was astonished to stumble across one, which is like a dream story for every wattpadder.

A story based in Wattpad on Wattpad! (yaay!)

Julie is a self-addicted wattpader. She started reading stories first and then found herself posting her won story and started to earn more exposure for it. Like any facebook, instagram or twitter obsessed people who checks their mobile every now and then, she became obsessed with wattpad.

She got a hate message from a guy, who ridiculed her story. She was so angry at him that she hit back and they began fighting. The fights led to mocking and soon it transpired into constant chatting on wattpad. She was honest with him and even divulged all her personal details to him, a total stranger, though he never did say anything about him. She began trusting him with daily updates of her life, but she got nothing from him about him in return.

download (1)

Julie kept this her little secret and did not even tell about him to her best friend. After much hard attempts, the guy started to open up a little. He said his name, but nothing more. Then started small talks on phone, then exchanging pictures of each other. She realized that she was fast falling for a guy, she has never met!

She wanted to meet him, but he kept pushing her away. And then………………..

Read out here to find more -> MY WATTPAD LOVE

Sorry for hanging the story in the middle! 😛 I really need to stop before I blurt out the whole story!!

My rating: 8/10

An Inspiring True Wattpad Success Story

A Love Letter to Wattpad –

Seriously I have not shared from other site at all!
But this inspiring success story because of wattpad is so compelling that I want other wattpad writers to know that perseverance finally pays.

So be strong and keep on writing. Your time is about to come! ☺





Hi again guys! After a continuous review of mushy-mushy romantic stories, I took a break from them to read a fictional one. What better than a science fiction for a different change!

‘Prodigy’ looks through the present and stands on a story featuring in the future. The future, from the eyes the author, consists of people who, after the impact of World War III, tried to have a peaceful life and never to let an another war like that, affect the humanity. Everything was automatic; even reading something to remember does not take much effort, because they just upload it to brain like hard drive!

There were a certain group of people, who was prodigal in the society. Among them was Alex, a girl with an abnormally higher IQ. She stumbles upon a discovery that would put an end to the mankind. Also, like in anytime there are a group of people with this knowledge, who try to escape this, without disclosing it to the common citizens.

Alex tries to save the humanity from the doom that is going to happen. But in her quest, she is being burdened with various truths about herself and about the type of government they have.

This is a like a breath of fresh air, with each and every small thing is being detailed to give the story a feel of how the future would be. Kudos to the author!

A really cool story for all these sci fic lovers!

Check it out here -> Prodigy

My rating: 8/10





Hi again guys! My hands have been itching to review it ever since I read this one! But I wanted it to feature in the ‘Pick of the Month’, so here I am, writing out the review of the simple yet so engrossing teen fiction i have ever read! No exaggerations here!

Ok, so the title may sound a little cheesy and sexual(oops!), but the story is not the type of ‘A grade’, like the title suggests, at all! In fact it is a pretty decent one. I was actually having it in my library but never got the inkling to read it unless a week back because of um…, the title(:P) And boy, was I grateful that I read it finally!What do they say about not judging a book by it’s cover.

Riley, had her boyfriend cheat on her with the school devil-cum-diva. She has a new family moving next to her home, among whom is a boy of her age, Alec, who is extremely handsome. By fate both their bedrooms are opposite each other. One night, when he brings in the school jocks and parties in his bedroom, he is given a dare to climb into Riley’s room and bring in her bra. What surprise did she get, when she sees Alec sneaking out of her bedroom with her bra in his hand!

Their own games begin, trying to take revenge for each other and soon get to know each other and becomes close. They get to introduce their friends and hangs out together with their own gang of friends. Riley feels her attraction towards him, but she thinks he is incapable of love because he is of the playboy kind.




Unknown to him, Riley slowly gets inside his heart and he starts to find himself changing and linking her more and more. They start to spend their time in school together, come home and then again spend time together, strengthening their relationship. Riley has a deep secret hidden and because of her ex, it becomes public and she feels humiliated. But Alec stands up for her and saves her day. They become even close, when Riley babysits Alec’s sister and Alec hangs out with Riley’s brother.

The two are so cute together and the writer had written this all up so realistically. Nothing like ‘charms in the story’ kind of stuff here. It glues the readers and makes them want to put the two of the lead pairs together!

A really, really cool story which I would not want any Wattpader to miss!

Check it out here -> The Bad Boy who stole my bra

My rating: 9/10