Hi once again guys! I’m back again with a review from my favorite genre, Mystery!




This is a story in the lines of a brave female person, who ain’t afraid to stop and catch serial killers.

She is actually a serial catcher who captures serial killers!

Cliche, right? Not until you hear the remaining.

She is from the wealthy family, where she can get whatever she needs, But she does not take interest in the type of things rich girls do, like shopping, partying, romance, love, gossiping. Instead, she takes an interest towards serial killers.

Sapphire watches for serial killers, hunts them down and hands them over to the police. But nobody, not even the police can find out who this person is, who does their job and hands them these killers. Also the captured guys are so ashamed of being captured by a girl that they never reveal any details about her.


Everything was smooth for our serial killer ‘catcher’, when the hunter becomes the hunted.  A serial killer kidnaps a girl and mocks her to rescue the girl, by sending a part of her body! Never had she felt anything like this, being put in a tight spot. She follows the clues and tries to find him, but he is always one step ahead of him. A police detective, Ashton, also is on the scent to find out more about the killers and this ‘catcher’. With him a few steps behind her, Sapphire is on a desperate hunt to save the life of the girl, which is dependent on her.

The story is good for female readers looking for a bit of mystery. It is fast and racy, yet a little predictable for those who have read mystery novels all their life. Yet, worth a shot for such a different kind of story.

Find the link here : Stalking Sapphire

My rating: 8/10


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