This one from the genre, ‘Mystery’ involves unraveling the mystery surrounding the death of a girl, Fiona. Dr.Graves is the coroner for a county under which this death falls under. The story follows up to the Dr.Graves trying to solve the mystery behind the death of this girl with some surprises sprung upon the way.

Dr.Graves was intrigued with the death of this small-town girl. There was no suspicious activities for her death. Yet, she seems to feel that there was. Her best friend, Jack Lawson, is trying to solve this case which comes up with interesting facts and packages. 


A popular mystery writer comes at her door step, and brings a color into her life. She feels good to be there with him. But the death of the girl still nags her mind. She feels that the obvious answer is not really answer.

Read on to find out how she find out the person behind it -> Dirty Little Secrets

I don’t want to reveal much as the other mystery stories as it would just spoil the suspense. But I’m sure that the twist will be worth it.

This is such an interesting, standard case,with twists and surprise details at the right turn. Hope you enjoy it.

My rating: 8/10




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‘The Billionaires Son’ is the story of  a normal girl falling for a rich guy, most specifically here, her boss and the story progresses as to how they work out things between them.

Tessa, was a normal girl working in a big company, when her new young boss, Nick arrives. She starts to hate him from the beginning, thinking he was rude and arrogant, but that was what she was saying to herself to hide her attraction towards him. On the other hand, Nick also feels the same way towards him and Tessa soon finds out that Nick was in fact very down to earth.



He starts having lunch in the office cafeteria with her and her friends, and she starts falling for him more. He even helps her with her personal life, meeting her sister and getting close to her.

Though they have small drifts between them, they stay strong together.

The story is a happy story for those romantic people out there. No big twists or challenges in it.

Click her for the story: The Billionaires son

This was not the type of my kind of story, so the rating is….

My rating: 7.5/10


Sorry guys! I haven’t been active since the last week because of my final exams. But now that it is over, I’m starting a new phase of my life, which I’m so excited and nervous about. But I’m planning to read and post my reviews no matter how hectic my schedule may become and this is all because of your constant encouragement that keeps me going. So a wanna use this opportunity to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all my favorite readers out there! 😀




Now onto our new concept on ‘Pick of the Month’. For those new viewers of my blog, this pick of the month is a new tag that was started a few months back. I review the best story I have ever read in the previous month as ‘Pick of the Month’ on every first week of a month.

So this month, my pick is a Teen fiction story. Tessa is bullied in her younger ages by the Cole, the notorious bad boy, who makes her life a hell by numerous pranks. If she got a chance to shot anyone on this earth, it would be Cole. That was the strongest feeling she had towards Cole. Jay, Cole’s brother was nothing like him. He was like a Prince Charming to Tessa’s eyes.’The’ Perfect man. The Apple of her eyes. She had a huge crush on him since her childhood but did not say it out to loud to anyone though everyone discreetly knew about it.

bad boy

When they entered their teens, Tessa’s best friend sheds her geeky side and becomes the ‘It’ girl of the school. Whatever the reason was, Tessa never knew, she started distancing herself from Tessa and the worse part is that, she started acting like a bitch to Tessa. She took the place of Cole, tormenting her life in school. All this was ok was Tessa to manage. But what proved to be the most heartless thing a former best friend could do is, make Tessa’s life long crush as her boyfriend!

Tessa was shattered and now enters Cole, who left school in his younger age. Tessa was afraid of his return, but was surprised to see his attention to her different. Though he was constantly mocking her, he protected her and made her feel secure. he guided her and stood by her through various problems in her life, never once leaving his side. Both starts falling for each other.

So what difficulty does this happy pair gonna face?

Read on to find out ->The bad Boy’s girl

My rating: 8.5/10