Hi again guys! After a continuous review of mushy-mushy romantic stories, I took a break from them to read a fictional one. What better than a science fiction for a different change!

‘Prodigy’ looks through the present and stands on a story featuring in the future. The future, from the eyes the author, consists of people who, after the impact of World War III, tried to have a peaceful life and never to let an another war like that, affect the humanity. Everything was automatic; even reading something to remember does not take much effort, because they just upload it to brain like hard drive!

There were a certain group of people, who was prodigal in the society. Among them was Alex, a girl with an abnormally higher IQ. She stumbles upon a discovery that would put an end to the mankind. Also, like in anytime there are a group of people with this knowledge, who try to escape this, without disclosing it to the common citizens.

Alex tries to save the humanity from the doom that is going to happen. But in her quest, she is being burdened with various truths about herself and about the type of government they have.

This is a like a breath of fresh air, with each and every small thing is being detailed to give the story a feel of how the future would be. Kudos to the author!

A really cool story for all these sci fic lovers!

Check it out here -> Prodigy

My rating: 8/10





This is the kind of story which involves the concept of time travel, but with a different kind of plot. It is not the usual go-back-and-change-the-past kind of story. Instead it chooses the concept of people dying with a last death wish on their mind to relive the day of the last person who died again and again,unless someone finds a way out of it.

Hailey, who was shot, is stuck into this timeline of reliving the day she died, with a bunch of guys who had died earlier. She makes one last wish to tell her best friend, Brent, that she loves him and this made her to get caught in middle of the transition between life and death.

Here she comes across Alex, whom she seems to fall for, putting Brent out back.Brent tries to fight for her love, competing with Alex. She carried forward her own destruction by making one last death wish and in her hands lies freedom for the others like her.

It is a fresh breath among the fiction stories that we had seen so far. Give it a try!

Here’s the link-> The day

My rating: 7.5/10

This concept actually makes me wonder that if one gets to relieve a particular day, what would it be? Will one change it or let it be? I personally would not want to change anything because it is a part of the journey of how i had become.

If you guys had option to relive a day what would it be? Would you want to change anything?

Comment your opinions if you get to relive a day!





AUTHOR : TASHA (@lilly-rain)

GENRE : Humor

A great, humorous story which does not fail to stop entertaining and it is one of the stories in which one can not stop laughing at all. All the sarcastic comments, the witty comebacks and the mischievous behaviors are so funny that I read that parts all over again. (I even tried to learn some comebacks from this :P)

Coming to the crux of the story, it is the story of a only girl, Eva, among a quadruplets who also has a twin brothers. Her mother died at a early age. So she is the only girl in the family of six men! She has also these boyish characters, messing around, fighting, man-handling and a very long mouth! She is very protective of her brothers that she plays deadly mischief with those who messes with them. Well, no one could crack her brothers up, except her!

What happens when she realizes that she was not a ordinary girl. And in not ordinary, what happens when she becomes a wolf? She hides it from her brothers, not wanting to scare her off. She meets Saxon Redford, the arrogant alpha of a very large pack of wolves. Also what is interesting is, how he goes on to imprint on her and can not say no to whatever she asks. The arrogant alpha he is, no one ever has disobeyed him and when Eva waltz into his life with more cockiness, swearing to never obey him, he is torn between his alpha instincts and his love for her.


The parts where she orders him around and how she continuously annoys those around him is so hilarious. She is always bubbling with energy that she can never sit in a place for a few minutes. And all those mischief she throws around and cracks up witty remarks is so endearing and fascinating.

This story is one which I will surely recommend to read for any wattpader. Just chill out, sit back and have a good laugh reading it.

And yes, I would love to read it again.

My rating: 9.5/10


Hey friends! Glad to see some following all my posts.

Today we are going to see a different genre that I am yet to review.

Clue? A story for a Twilight series lover or a Vampire diaries fan! Yeah guys, you got it right! Vampire, it is!

Title: Vampire in Denial

Author: DaleMayer

Genre: Vampire

Though I am not a hardcore fan of vampires, I do read books on it and I bet you haven’t read or seen anything similar to this!

This about a girl in a vampire family, only that she is not a vampire, not at least totally. Tessa has vampire genes in her but also have human genes! Awesome,right? Not for her. She is seen as an outcast in her species, though she has a very loving family. She feels alone and unwanted that she can’t do things like other vampires too. She does not have any vampire friends, only humanS. She feels that she is not gifted with any abilities like her siblings. Only that she is wrong.

Featured image

When one of her human friends gets kidnapped by a group of vampires, Tessa goes out in a mission to rescue her friend. What follows is a tale of  whirlwind happenings of recognition, romance, acceptance, chase and a lot more added together in one package. 

Cody, her brother’s friend and his dad’s close friend’s son, falls for the Tessa and they acquire the ability of communicating with each other through their minds (Its cute to look at love blossoming between them!) Cody assists her in her pursuit to find her friend and the reason when uncovered, is going to bring a fight between their own species and shake the foundation of their belief.

This is not a single story and there is a lot of parts following it, and believe me, if you once started reading one, there is no stopping! Dale Mayer just excels each story by its sequel and a lot of hidden truth surfaces, hanging the way people look at Tessa, from indifference and disgust to respect and sincerity.

Vampire lovers, go ahead and take a look and I’m sure you will not get bored as the story unfolds.

Here’s the link for the story: Vampire in Denial

My Rating: 9/10

Do voice your feedback about the picks and the stories!


Title: Bermuda

Author: karimsuliman

Genre: Well, you would have guessed it from the title. Fiction obviously!

This one has lots and lots of imaginative places and characters ( I mean ‘characters’ and not Humans!). If you want to chill out and enter into a world of creative world with unimaginable creatures, like the movie ‘Avatar’, this one is for you!

Bermuda triangle is still a mystery for many scientists and explorers. This story is about the possible happenings in the Bermuda triangle and linking it with the ongoing happenings in the world. Heather is being sent on a mission to find out about the mystery behind it. With the others sent before have not returned, Heather is under a lot of pressure to conclude the mission with success. Here enters Burke, who is kept in exile because of some of his ideas about Bermuda triangle, creating a controversy. Heather smuggles Burke with them on their mission and their crew faces a bundle of mysterious creatures out there.

Featured image

The powers of the creatures, their intelligence ans their abilities are well-defined and brings a feeling of awe to the readers. The author has painted a clear picture of the creatures’ abilities that it makes us sometimes feel jealous.

P.S: I haven’t revealed much about the plot as I don’t want to break the suspense.

The link for the story: Bermuda

Will I read it again? Maybe

My Rating: 8/10