Hello once again! So, guys take a guess from the title about the main theme of the story?

I bet many of you would have went with the sad endings between lovers.

Sorry guys, you are wrong! The title is very deceptive as it makes one think come to the most usual conclusion.

‘HOW I LOST YOU’ by JanetGurtler is not the tale of lovers, but about friends. Not those boyfriend-girlfriend stories, but of real best friends.

Grace and Kya are one of these besties who are like the most cool friends one would be jealous of. They are awesome mates when it comes to paintball, and would make even bigger guys flunk in front of them. They always do everything together…. That is what Grace thought. Until she sees her other mutual friend, James, acting a little weird towards Kya.

There occurs many scenarios which hints us of the way the story is going to mould into, but I was so submerged in it that I did not realise it until the truth hit me finally!

James hints to Grace about the behavior of Kya. She even sees it with her own eyes. But Grace offers concessions, because of a particular stage Kya had to cross in her younger ages. Grace often comes up with excuses for Kya, citing the happening in her childhood. Only after a certain stage did she realise that Kya is not at all what she looks like to her.

Though the title itself signifies the end of the story, it is really a brave move to expose the end of the story and still have the readers hooked up to it! Kudos to JanetGurtler for it!

Check out the story here -> How I Lost You

A different change of scenario to freshen in 🙂

My rating: 8.5/10




AUTHOR: HANNAH JAYNE (@HannahJayneAuthor)

GENRE: Mystery, Teen fiction

This plot has a lot of suspense and an abundant dose of mystery with it, which makes the readers to anticipate and guess eagerly about the reasons and about what is going to happen next.

Sawyer, a normal teenager (that’s how she looks for the others), finds herself in middle of a shadowy plot, after the death of her boyfriend, Kevin. Though Kevin and Sawyer looks like the normal kind of couple. they are not. Someone happens to know the unfortunate secret behind their relationship and starts to shadow her. She finds messages in her locker and she is aware of the person following her every move. She finds it hard to confide it with anyone, even with her best friend, Chloe.

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This story has a lots of twists filled with a little amount of fear, mingled with a surge of excitement as to what is going to get unfolded next. It makes the readers hooked to every word and every movement of development in the story. The climax is filled with great suspense and as one gets to unravel the reason behind, it gets totally surprising and needs some time to digest it.

My rating: 8/10

Enjoy it and do tell me how much you like it!


Title: My Life With the Walter Boys

Author: Fallzswimmer

Genre: Humor

What happens when a girl is made to live in a house of 12 boys? Not to mention, all the boys look like a male model who have just stepped out of a commercial!

Those girls out there might think, ‘What a lucky chick she is?’ Well girls, you’re wrong. It is difficult to live in middle of a house with unknown guys; when you are not welcome. And in top of that, it is even terrible when your family just died and you have to move out of your familiar city.

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Meet Jackie Howard, who happens to be forced to live with Katherine Walter and the boys in Colorado, after the sudden deaths of her parents and sister in a car crash. She has not heard about the Walter family or Katherine(who is her guardian), for that matter, prior to the death of the family. Katherine is a sweet woman who is willing to take Jackie from New York to Colorado. Jackie has second thoughts about moving away from her home and her familiar city. When she has no other choice, she accepts.

Most of the Walter boys turns a cold shoulder towards Jackie. She struggles to get a hold on to her new changes in life. She tries to fit herself in, with the boys. One by one, the indifferent attitude of the boys towards her changes. What happens when she has fallen for one Walter? Even better, what happens when she is given the opportunity to become girlfriend to another Walter? The conflicts between the boys and brotherhood behind the conflicts stands out clearly.

The story is a beautifully painted as to how the boys accept her as one among them and how she fits in and becomes amicable to every boy in the family. The portions where the boys converse with each other, their mischief and gossips are humorous.

Altogether, it’s a well-written story, which has correct ratios of humor and romance.

Here’s the link to the story: My Life With the Walter Boys

Will I read it again? The second time may not be as green as the first. Worth reading once.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Waiting to hear your feedback guys!