THE HEARTBROKEN HEARTBREAKER by SamMadison is one of those stories in which a tragic feeling always lingers behind the words in it. Though romantic and branded in the genre Humor, the story line is more or less serious, especially towards the second half of the story.

Evans had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Cedric.She tries hard to cope up with herself, but she feels herself lost as she had grown up with him and had always had him with her whenever she needed him. She also sees her best friend with Cedric and gets devastated. Determined to piss him off, she talks with Seth, who Cedric does not like and the same can be said for Seth too.

Unlike the outside image of a playboy and the most popular, hot guy in the campus, Seth seems to be lonely inside and opens up to her about his personal difficulties. She also gets acquainted with his group of friends and feels at ease with them.

Cedric is not happy about her being with Seth and tries to  discourage her from seeing him. She is baffled about why Cedric still seems to care about her even after her breakup and also the reason why Cedric and Seth hate each other. With some family drama behind, Seth struggles to hold it together, while Cedric hides the reason for their breakup.

With a turmoil of emotions in Seth’s mind about his parents and his relationship with Evans, he takes a decision, which may or may not be good for them. Read on to find about it!

Here’s the link for the story:The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

The combination of the happiness shared by the lead couple and finding comfort with each other and the fun they have, with the disturbances in their relationship, are so strong to impact the readers and drive them to go on with the story.

My rating: 8.5/10

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AUTHOR : TASHA (@lilly-rain)

GENRE : Humor

A great, humorous story which does not fail to stop entertaining and it is one of the stories in which one can not stop laughing at all. All the sarcastic comments, the witty comebacks and the mischievous behaviors are so funny that I read that parts all over again. (I even tried to learn some comebacks from this :P)

Coming to the crux of the story, it is the story of a only girl, Eva, among a quadruplets who also has a twin brothers. Her mother died at a early age. So she is the only girl in the family of six men! She has also these boyish characters, messing around, fighting, man-handling and a very long mouth! She is very protective of her brothers that she plays deadly mischief with those who messes with them. Well, no one could crack her brothers up, except her!

What happens when she realizes that she was not a ordinary girl. And in not ordinary, what happens when she becomes a wolf? She hides it from her brothers, not wanting to scare her off. She meets Saxon Redford, the arrogant alpha of a very large pack of wolves. Also what is interesting is, how he goes on to imprint on her and can not say no to whatever she asks. The arrogant alpha he is, no one ever has disobeyed him and when Eva waltz into his life with more cockiness, swearing to never obey him, he is torn between his alpha instincts and his love for her.


The parts where she orders him around and how she continuously annoys those around him is so hilarious. She is always bubbling with energy that she can never sit in a place for a few minutes. And all those mischief she throws around and cracks up witty remarks is so endearing and fascinating.

This story is one which I will surely recommend to read for any wattpader. Just chill out, sit back and have a good laugh reading it.

And yes, I would love to read it again.

My rating: 9.5/10


Title: My Life With the Walter Boys

Author: Fallzswimmer

Genre: Humor

What happens when a girl is made to live in a house of 12 boys? Not to mention, all the boys look like a male model who have just stepped out of a commercial!

Those girls out there might think, ‘What a lucky chick she is?’ Well girls, you’re wrong. It is difficult to live in middle of a house with unknown guys; when you are not welcome. And in top of that, it is even terrible when your family just died and you have to move out of your familiar city.

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Meet Jackie Howard, who happens to be forced to live with Katherine Walter and the boys in Colorado, after the sudden deaths of her parents and sister in a car crash. She has not heard about the Walter family or Katherine(who is her guardian), for that matter, prior to the death of the family. Katherine is a sweet woman who is willing to take Jackie from New York to Colorado. Jackie has second thoughts about moving away from her home and her familiar city. When she has no other choice, she accepts.

Most of the Walter boys turns a cold shoulder towards Jackie. She struggles to get a hold on to her new changes in life. She tries to fit herself in, with the boys. One by one, the indifferent attitude of the boys towards her changes. What happens when she has fallen for one Walter? Even better, what happens when she is given the opportunity to become girlfriend to another Walter? The conflicts between the boys and brotherhood behind the conflicts stands out clearly.

The story is a beautifully painted as to how the boys accept her as one among them and how she fits in and becomes amicable to every boy in the family. The portions where the boys converse with each other, their mischief and gossips are humorous.

Altogether, it’s a well-written story, which has correct ratios of humor and romance.

Here’s the link to the story: My Life With the Walter Boys

Will I read it again? The second time may not be as green as the first. Worth reading once.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Waiting to hear your feedback guys!