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This is my first guest post on an other blog!😇 Its about an introduction to wattpad and the benefits of it. 

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Why Wattpad is a Good Place to Start [Guest Post] –


Hello wattpaders, once again! After taking a long break from Wattpad and this blog, I am back with a bang with a very interesting and psychological thriller ‘Trapped’! Read on to find more about it.




Kelsey Miller, a sixteen year old, was kidnapped, tortured and raped by two men for many months after which she finally escaped. She only knew one of the kidnapper and never knew the second person at the hands of whom she suffered the most. She was a virgin when she was raped brutally, and was left to bleed. She was shut in a cabin in woods and was raped repeatedly by both of the kidnappers and tortured mentally and was made to do things which would haunt her for life.

When she escaped after some months, she still was not able to identify the second kidnapper and the first kidnapper got away on a slight technicality. The horrors she underwent made her a dead person on the inside. She shut out everybody and spent her time trying to cope up and forget what happened, but instead spent time in relieving the past trauma. Her only pillar of support was her step brother, Luke, in whom she felt a safe haven.


When she was still in her depression, the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a survivor happened to her. She was once again forcefully taken by the same kidnappers, by mentally manipulating her by kidnapping an other virgin. Kelsey did not want anyone else to go through what had happened to her and so she fell into the trap again.

How did she come out of her second trap? And most importantly, who was the second kidnapper, who even eluded the police?

Read on to find out -> Trapped

With a mix of a psychological thriller and a very powerful narrative of the pain a rape survivor goes through, the author clearly reflects the feelings of the Kelsey to the readers. A definite read for people with a thirst for psychological thriller.

My rating: 8.5/10



Hii guys! 😀 This is my 50th post and this would not be possible without your support 🙂  I would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of my followers, the people who liked my post, commented on my post. Each and every one of you is so important to me. Without you guys, I would not have come to this stage.

Many a times when I felt like it was not going anywhere, when I felt that I could no longer blog, your comments and likes made me to carry on. There were times when i felt like none read my blog. But suddenly one of you would comment on it about how you enjoyed the review, it really made my day!Some shared about my posts on facebook, twitter, some re-blogged my posts. It immensely helped me and gave me motivation to carry on and deliver much better posts. Some mailed me your feedback and some mailed me healthy criticism and I have been working and making changes to suit all your needs.

Hope you all are happy with my posts, if not, I am open to suggestions. I accept that some posts were not by best, as I had some low times, but you beared with me and helped me to get to this level.

I have tried to keep it interesting by adding wattpad guides, ‘Pick of the Month’ and an Interview. In future, I am trying to come up with different aspects instead of just reviewing stories. I believe you guys will be supportive in that too.

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Generally, I do not post filler posts, but this time I made an exception. This post is dedicated for each and every one of you!:)

Thank you so much guys!(I can never thank enough in all languages :P)

Love you guys! ❤ ❤ ❤

Stay blessed! 😀


Many of the wattpad writers have strained day and night, fought many battles and have sacrificed personal life to write a better story in wattpad.

Why do they go to such efforts to deliver a story?
Just one reason. Search for Appreciation.

But when they don’t get any exposure , it seems as if all the efforts and sacrifices are in vain.
But when they get the first like or the first appreciative message, all the efforts they have put into will seem trivial.

A group of such wattpad writers have come together and started a hashtag
#goodundiscoveredgems for such writers to link their stories to the hashtag and get more readers.

So wattpad writers all around the world, please promote it and do share your own works too with #goodundiscoveredgems. Also fans of wattpad, help fellow wattpaders by sharing about it.

An Inspiring True Wattpad Success Story

A Love Letter to Wattpad –

Seriously I have not shared from other site at all!
But this inspiring success story because of wattpad is so compelling that I want other wattpad writers to know that perseverance finally pays.

So be strong and keep on writing. Your time is about to come! ☺


Hey again, guys! Thank you all for the 200 follows! 🙂

I wanted to post something special after the 200th follow, so here
it is: An interview with a famous Wattpad writer, Alexia Praks!Author Alexia Praks.jpg

Alexia Praks is a famous Wattpad writer who writes stories in the lines of Romance, Fiction and Fantasy. There are a very few writers who could be versatile in so many genres at the same time. My personal favorite from her works is ‘His Hired Girlfriend’, which blends the natural flow of narration with cute, easy going romance.She has over a 50,000 followers  in wattpad. In spite of her hectic schedule, shuttling between her work as a lab scientist and a wattpad writer, she was so kind to be available for this interview.

Read on find out what she says:

  1. To what do you attribute your success of becoming a famous Wattpad writer?

LOL! I didn’t know I’m a famous Wattpad writer ^_^
I notice a lot of writers who are famous, but have never thought I was one of them. Thanks so much for considering me as one ^_^ I’m honored.

As to what attribute to my success, I think that would be continuously writing and regularly posting chapters on Wattpad. Also write in genre people want to read. Romance is big on Wattpad ^_^

  1. Which among your own work is your favorite?

My favorite work will have to be His Hired Girlfriend. I had so much fun writing that one. It wasn’t actually my first book I’ve written, but it was my first contemporary romance. I remember laughing my head whilst writing certain scenes. One of those was when Jayden happens upon Alexandra in the bathroom when she was taking her shirt off. That scene was fun to write. Ah… The good old days ^_^

  1. Did you come across any hardships while writing your story? If so, how did you get over it?

I had a lot of hardship writing The Earl’s Desire and The Duke’s Revenge. I had to make sure the mysteries fits with the story and that it is nicely resolved at the end. The Earl’s Desire was my very first book I’ve written and I wasn’t experienced enough as a writer back then, so it was hard. What I did was do research on history during the Regency era and also read lots of historical romance books ^_^

  1. Is there any fan message or any experience with fans that is memorable?

Mmmm… Most just write to me telling me how much they love my books, especially the Falling for Sakura series. Some request me telling them who will get Sakura at the end ^_^ So cute. Despite that people think I don’t read messages and reply to them, I actually read all of the messages I received. I just don’t have time as yet reply to all of them. Life is hectic! And I sincerely apologize if I didn’t reply.

  1. When you wrote your first story did you expect to gain so much exposure to your works?

LOL! Nope! Not at all. I just wrote the book because I myself wanted to read that type of book and there was nothing similar available ^_^ I guess a lot of people just like reading what I like to read.

  1. How important is background research for a story?

Research is very important. I’d spend quite a bit of time doing research before writing the book. My historical romance for example. I did a lot of research on the history of nobilities and peerage and all that jazz. Contemporary not so much, just research on locations for book settings etc.

  1. Have you used any of your real life experiences in your stories?

Yes. I’ve used a lot of my life experiences with most of my stories. Particularly my contemporary romance. There’s always something in the book that reflects me and my experience in a certain way. For example, Alexandra Steward in His Hired Girlfriend is a medical lab scientist, which I am. That helps because I know the background stuff. Ruby from Highland Kiss and Chandra from When the Sun Courts the Moon has sisters, which I have (four of them in fact), and they behave just like my sisters behave. Most of my heroines are poor, like Mia Donovan in Chained to You, and has complication financially, which I was and I knew how hard it is to have no money and to struggle to just make ends meet.

     8. How did you get over writer’s block?

When I get writer’s block, I stop trying to write or think of what should come next and just go out for a long walk. When I walk, I’d think about other stories that I wanted to write. Eventually, the writer’s block disappears. I also like to watch anime and movies as well read manga and books. This helps a lot. I always suggest this to others who ask me how I get over it. You just need to give it time. Leave for a while and then come back later

   9. What are some ways to get exposure and attention to one’s story?

First write stories people want to read. You can just write a story that you love, but if it doesn’t resonate with the readers, why would they pick it up in the first place? So write something you think people would love to read. I guess check out what’s hot? The second thing you need to do is have a very good book cover. I’m always attracted to book cover first and foremost. I know how you should never judge a book by its cover, but you know what? Everyone does that. They check out the cover first before reading the blurb. Okay, now onto the blurb. If you can write an amazing blurb in which it pulls people to really want to read the book, then you’ve pretty much got your readers.

   10. How do you manage writing on Wattpad in the midst of busy life?

Two words. Passion. Dedication. I love writing and am very passionate about books and the stories I penned into books. I basically write whenever I can and wherever I can. In the car whilst waiting for my sisters to finish work, in bed before going to sleep, during lunch hour whilst eating, and early in the morning before getting ready. Yep. I pretty much write whenever I can. In 2014, I wrote Falling for Sakura: A Secret Kiss in two months between working two full time jobs, one as a medical lab scientist and another as a cook for our family restaurant. And you know, restaurant work isn’t easy. I was on my feet fourteen hours a day, six days a week. I got Sunday off and that day I’d sleep like the dead and when I got up, I’d write some more. LOL! I remember getting really sick after I finished writing A Secret Kiss. But it was worth it ^_^ I guess I really want to become a New York Times Bestselling, brand named author so I’d do whatever it takes to get there. I’m still not there yet. I have a long way to go. I’m in for the long haul.

   11. Can you say a few words for novice Wattpad writers?

I’ll be honest that I still consider myself as a novice writer. I’m no big seller or big brand name author yet. That’s where I want to be in three to four years. Hopefully I’d get there ^_^ But I guess being on Wattpad for a while makes me a little more than a novice Wattpad writer, huh? LOL! All right, a few words then. Just write! I mean it. Just write shit if you have to. You need to get all the crap out of your system before you can write something good. Heck! I wrote a lot before I could write something good for people to read. And on the topic of reading? Read, people. Read! A lot. Before I started writing my first book, The Earl’s Desire, I read a lot of historical romance until I couldn’t find any more to read in our public library. Hey, I was poor, okay, and library books don’t cost. I remember wanting to read a certain book so badly that I’d go to the book store everyday just to read that book chapter by chapter. I cried when someone bought that book, and I couldn’t finish it. It was that bad. But yes, my advice for Wattpad writer is to read a lot and then just write ^_^

A few words to add….

If you love writing and books and wants to be that famous author, don’t give up. Read. Write. Read some more. Write some more. Even if you don’t make it today, you might make it tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then the next day. The good thing about your story is that it’s yours. No one is going to take it away from you. When you’re ready, publish it. Good luck ^_^

Check out her profile on wattpad: Alexia Praks

Thanks a lot again Alexia for being so cool about this! 🙂


Hey guys! This is the first time I am being nominated for an award and I’m really excited about it!

About the Liebster award:

The Liebster Award is an award for bloggers that is passed on, to celebrate all of the amazing people on here. It helps to discover new blogs and to build a sense of community in the blogging world!

I was nominated by the Book Shelf blog! Thank a lot for the nomination! 🙂

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions of your own


Answers for the questions:

  • If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?

This is like the most tough question to answer! But I would go with the genre ‘Mystery’. Many would have misinterpreted me as the kind of a romantic person from the reviews of my stories, but Mystery is more of the type of books I read.

  • What are your blogging goals for 2016?

Well, I do have a lot of goals for my blog. But here are a few:

  1. To increase my blog posts to 5 a week;
  2. To write reviews in some never-before seen genres to provide an opener for the readers that there are more out there;
  3. To provide not only suggestions to read, but also to guide the new wattpad readers and writers, to name a few.
  • What is your favorite book and why?

I would choose Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s  ‘Relic’, which is a combination of Mystery with a supernatural element in it.

  • How did you come up with your blog name?

‘Wattpad Review Corner’ was the name which I coined after much considerations. I want my blog to be a place where people come and visit if they are having a confusion as to what to read in wattpad. I wanted it to be like a hanging out ‘corner’ for the wattpaders.

  • What was your favourite subject at school and why?

My favorite subject was and is ‘Mathematics’. To all those math haters, please don’t hate me!  I just love to work with numbers and love the concept the concept of solving a problem or proving a mathematical fact.

  • What are your favourite hobbies? (other than reading hehe)

Obviously reading! But then she was cautious to mention other than it, so I have to go with cooking. I love to experiment with dishes and fortunately most of the time it just not end up getting burned! I may have even named a few dishes after me 😛 I also love to spend lots and lots of time, browsing about beauty products. Not necessary that I am going to buy it, but I like to gain knowledge more about the beauty niche. if I had not started this blog, i would most probably start one in that field.

  • Which author inspires you the most?

Agatha Christie! I can not believe that a woman would possibly write such a thriller stories, when some are not even ready to read it! Hats off to the woman, who even in such old times were able to break boundaries in the thriller writer’s arena comprised mostly of males and carve a name for herself.

  • Tell me a random fact about you!

The first thing that came to my mind on seeing this question is, “I’m a vegetarian!”

  • What was the first book you ever read?

The very first book I read was, ‘Famous Five-Fives goes to the sea’. after completing it, there was no stopping. I read all of Famous Five and Nancy Drew series in my younger ages and started off with the most serious adults books and now I can’t stop myself from reading any book that I could get my hands on!

  • What is your guilty pleasure?

It would be the songs ‘I knew you were trouble’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Baby one more time’ by Britney Spears and ‘Locked out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars.

  • If someone wrote a story about your life what would the title be?

‘Misinterpreted corrections’ would be an apt one.

Now is the time for my Nominees:

  1. hashtaglovebooks
  2. Penny with aney
  3. Reading Rachael
  4. shihtzubookreviews
  5. Keith Garrett poetry
  6. Book reviews
  7. Almost Elysia
  8. mstylermarie
  9. Crispy Confessions
  10. Toni Kennedy : A Writing Life
  11. Hoot reads books

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. Why do you love reading?
  2. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
  3. What spurred you to blog?
  4. What was a book you were spoiled for?
  5. How do you perceive your blog at the end of 2016?
  6. Besides reading, what other hobbies do you have?
  7. If you had a chance to meet an author, who would you want to meet?
  8. What is the book which made you brood over it?
  9. What aspects of blogging do you like?
  10. Name a book which you have re-read the most number of times and why?
  11. What do you want to say to your followers?



There was this happy author tweeting that he had finally completed a book on wattpad. Amidst the happy congratulatory tweets in response was one tweet, commenting that how a  wattpad story is not equivalent to a book.

You call result of the hard work of days sitting in the night thinking about the development of the story and all those hardships faced when trying to travel past the writer’s block and provide with an interesting story for the readers, from which they only get the benefit of appreciation, as something ‘not’ equivalent to a book?

Man, definitely he is going to need to do some damage control!

There are thousands and thousands of writers out there in wattpad, who writes only to get some recognition, spending precious time in working with the story, without any other expectations. Even when they sometimes have some serious issues with their lives, one single comment from a reader on how awesome the story is, propels them to push past their personal difficulties to continue with their story. After all these efforts, can’t these stories be compared to a book?

What is the difference between a publishes book and a story on wattpad, other than that the book is available in hard copy?



The wattpad stories are definitely interesting, sometimes more than some published books. Both kinds of authors put in their best effort, have equal talent and passion towards writing? How can such a story be not equivalent to a book?

If there are more people out there with the same mentality, they need to reconsider their perspectives and broaden their minds and offer at least some amount of appreciation to these selfless authors, who puts up such beautiful stories on wattpad.

And to all those amazing writers on wattpad, you rock guys!


The other day, one guy, who was new to wattpad was asking me all these questions about how it works. So here I am going to give the basic steps to sign in and explain how it works.

Basically, you can access wattpad in mobile or by using PC. We will go through the necessary steps to make you a wattpader!

How to sign in?

Signing in to wattpad is easy. You can login with your facebook account, or to create a account you just need to enter your username, email and password. Bang! You now have an account in wattpad!

Once you lo in again in the same mobile, you need not give your password at all. Just give your mail id and voila! you can directly go into your library! This is one of the features that comes in handy for me when I hard reset and forget the password.

How to select stories?

You can just type the genre you want to in the ‘Search’ box in ‘Discover’ tab, or if you are using it in PC, you can select one from the drop down list of Discover. Select a story that you find interesting. Generally the author will provide a quick outline of the story and you can decide to opt for it, by reading it.There will also be recommendations depending on the type of the story you read, once you have started using it.

There are two kinds of story: One is completed story and the other is ongoing story. You can check whether a story is completed or not by scrolling to the end of the story in mobile or just clicking on the story in PC, which will prompt a snap in front in which it will be specified whether the story is ongoing or completed. Some prefer completed ones, while some likes a little suspense to wait for the update. Go for your choice!

We will see a detailed way of selecting the right story for you in a latter post.

How to add stories?

Just click on ‘Add to Library’ option in the story and Voila! your story will now be present in the ‘Library’. You can remove it from library easily by clicking on remove.

Once you have added it to the Library you can open the story and change the mode of scrolling/paging, background, fonts and brightness according to your choice. You can like/comment on a chapter, which is pretty much self-explanatory once you open the story.

Can I use it offline?

Yes, you can(if you have it on mobile, obviously)! The best part I love about wattpad is the ability to read offline. Once you have added the story to the library, you could just open the story and scroll it for a few pages and then the entire story would be downloaded in your mobile! You can read it wherever you want!

Once you have completed a story, you can move it to the ‘Archives’, but you will not be able to read it offline once you moved it there. Archives is most important to me because this is where I save the stories I have read and then browse through it to review it on this blog!

A drawback is if you clear data for the app or uninstall and install again the Archives become blank, but you can still access all the archived stories from the browser.

What are the reading lists for?

The Reading List are the place where you can add the stories you like. You can create number of lists of your own choice and make it public for others to see, or you can have it privately.

To follow and be followed

You can follow your friends to see their new updates on the reading lists, or you could follow any author or any interesting person of your choice. You can view their activity on the ‘News feed’ tab.

You can also send messages like any other social networking site.

What are notifications for?

Notifications are for receiving info about new followers or any new story updates.

I think I have pretty much covered every basic thing one need to know about wattpad. If you have any more question feel free to ping me!