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‘THREE SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT’ is not entirely the usual kind of story that one could find in wattpad. It is more like a ‘revealing’ story from one’s point of view, about the concept of death. It also touches the biggest question of,’What happens when one dies?’

This short story perceives death as a person, or more importantly a form of human, who was indeed once a human being. It personifies ‘Death’ as a person doing about his work of taking person’s life away. It contains various instances of Death’s interaction with the souls of people that he took. This conversation also sheds some light on the concept that ‘What you sow, so you reap.’

More than just taking a concept out of people and personifying death, the author also beautifully indicates the amount of goodness, or the lack of it, that one does, shapes his afterlife.


This is not just another story to sit back and read with a cup of coffee. This is just a very short story that could be read in, like an hour. But it makes one to wonder about the possibilities of this story being true, or come up with one’s own explanations.

This is a fresh perspective to look at. Do take a look at it guys!

Here is the link for the story ->Three Seconds to Midnight

My rating: 8/10


Hey guys! Today we are going to venture into a new genre, which we haven’t touched in the past. This genre is for the brave souls and strong hearts! 😛

Today’s pick is from the genre ‘Supernatural’!

I was like most others, afraid of reading such stories because I don’t want to scare myself in middle of the night by looking at my shadow, or be one of those girls who runs from kitchen to bedroom with eyes closed, when the house is pitch dark! 😀 May be I am over doing it, but I know there are some who actually does these things. So consoling myself to be hard and brave, I decided to read a story which contains some supernatural, unexplained mystery in it. I’ll say about my experience at the end of review.

So here it is. My first pick for the genre Supernatural.

THE ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST by Joshua-Graham is a short story, so I decided to test waters on it first! This is about a lady, Abigail Lee, who works as a psychiatrist with the forensic department, when she comes across a unique case. A lady who killed her baby. The mother is declared insane and acquitted Abigail finds something strange in it but she could not put her finger on it. So she is shocked when she gets a call from the Father,saying that Abigail is asking to meet her.

The supernatural happenings that follows are totally spiritual, but instead of creating a sense of fear at the end, it creates a sense of belief and makes one feel secure. One may expect to get frightened by reading such story, but I did get a strange feeling of being safe after reading the story, though the story is quite scary in some parts where the insane mother is involved. Read it to know what I mean.

Overall, this is one story that could be given a shot by the weak hearts, who are ready to try a little scary story and the advantage is, it is short and so the scary part gets over quickly! That’s something to hope for, guys!

Here is the link to the story: The Accidental Exorcist

Do express your views guys!

My rating: 8/10