For all those people in relationships planning and dreaming about your Valentine’s night, and those who had a very romantic day with your loved ones, and those who had a nasty day, (don’t worry, not all days will be in peaks, your time will come, so smile please ☺), a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 😁😁😁 For those single people in search of love, let this Valentine’s day be a new accumulation to the already existing romanticism, and I want you to know that your future partners are so lucky that you have been saved for them for a long time! 😇 

Today’s special review for Valentine’s day is a cute romantic story, set in a high school. There is nothing about mystery or a big twist in it, but just the way you could feel the romance brewing between the couple is enough to make you keep going on. The cuteness level is so damn high that you could almost gush at them sometimes!

I’m not going to reveal more this time and grab your dose of fun reading it, other than the fact that, Wren is a cute, shy high school girl, with some sad past and doesn’t even realize that she is cute. And Asher is the heartthrob of the school who happens to gey acquainted with her.

The friendship between Wren and Mia, her best friend, the fun they all have together with Asher’s friends, and the love and bonding feel so real.

You can be cheesy for once and read this one for Valentine’s day, as it will make you fall for Love more!

My rating : 8.5/10

A happy story on a happy day to lift your spirits up!




Hello guys! For this month, my pick is, ‘Confessions about Colton’, which is a thriller story. This story is one of the few mystery stories that kept me in the edge of the seat, from the start to the time I completed it. 

The story opens up right in the middle of the strange plot, where Elliott Parker grieves for the death of his best friend, Colton. There was always a lot of mystery surrounding Colton, like the time he disappeared some time back and no one could find out where he was, but he came back without giving so much as an explanation. But this time, he was gone, for good. 

During the memorial service for his friend, Elliott gets a letter from the murderer of Colton, stating the reason for his murder will be revealed if he  would follow some things he mentioned in the letter and search for the next clue to the letter. 

Elliott was, at first, doubtful to take it up or not, but his curiosity to know the reason for his friend’s death  got the better of him and he started searching for clues and soon one led to an other, and he was baffled by the things he started learning about Colton, that, at one point, he felt like he never knew anything about his best friend. 

The things which were revealed by the clues, exposed a different side of his friend and also some details about what he did during his first disappearance. 
And in comes Colton’s girlfriend and Elliott’s sister into the plot and the mystery kept growing till the very end. 

The climax was the most powerful one of all. The twist in the end was just so unexpected and the plot was handled well. 

Kudos to the author for writing such a gripping tale and revealing things only what the readers needed to know in the beginning and directing the readers towards one thought  and opening out an entirely different thing in the end. ☺ 

Click here to read the story : Confessions about Colton

My rating : 8.5/10