AUTHOR : SHORTY (@notjustarandomgirl)

GENRE : Teen Fiction

This is a romantic story, which you can not sit back, relax and read with a can of orange juice. There are some intense feelings in it that there are polar opposite feelings emerging from inside as we progress through the story. This is one of the story which lingers in the mind and wanna make you reach out and change the occurrences.

Victoria Peige studies in a school where all the wealthy kids go to. Her best friend, Chloe, is confident and beautiful and she dates a lot of boys which never ends up well. They always seem to end in a tragic breakup. Victoria finds that Zachary Anderson, an arrogant wealthy son of her parents’ rival, is the reason behind this. He seems to do this because he has feelings for Chloe and threatens her boyfriends to break up with her. Victoria, thinking to save her friend from an another miserable heart break, becomes his girlfriend voluntarily, so that his vision is diverted from Chloe.

What happens when she falls in love with the bad boy himself? What if the line blurs between her acting and the real feelings? What happens when Zach starts to love Victoria? What happens when Chloe goes through a change of heart?

The finishing of the story is nothing expected. Hats off to the author for her brave attempt for such a closure, though there were a lot of hatred filled comments.

A compelling love story, which pricks deep inside the heart and wells up the heart with sadness when Victoria is worried.

For all those sweet little hearty romantic readers, this will be a completely different story which you would not have come across. The feelings played with cheating, betrayal, lies submerged and mixed with love and compassion and the fight between love are one to allow to settle and sediment in.

My rating: 9/10




AUTHOR : TASHA (@lilly-rain)

GENRE : Humor

A great, humorous story which does not fail to stop entertaining and it is one of the stories in which one can not stop laughing at all. All the sarcastic comments, the witty comebacks and the mischievous behaviors are so funny that I read that parts all over again. (I even tried to learn some comebacks from this :P)

Coming to the crux of the story, it is the story of a only girl, Eva, among a quadruplets who also has a twin brothers. Her mother died at a early age. So she is the only girl in the family of six men! She has also these boyish characters, messing around, fighting, man-handling and a very long mouth! She is very protective of her brothers that she plays deadly mischief with those who messes with them. Well, no one could crack her brothers up, except her!

What happens when she realizes that she was not a ordinary girl. And in not ordinary, what happens when she becomes a wolf? She hides it from her brothers, not wanting to scare her off. She meets Saxon Redford, the arrogant alpha of a very large pack of wolves. Also what is interesting is, how he goes on to imprint on her and can not say no to whatever she asks. The arrogant alpha he is, no one ever has disobeyed him and when Eva waltz into his life with more cockiness, swearing to never obey him, he is torn between his alpha instincts and his love for her.


The parts where she orders him around and how she continuously annoys those around him is so hilarious. She is always bubbling with energy that she can never sit in a place for a few minutes. And all those mischief she throws around and cracks up witty remarks is so endearing and fascinating.

This story is one which I will surely recommend to read for any wattpader. Just chill out, sit back and have a good laugh reading it.

And yes, I would love to read it again.

My rating: 9.5/10





The Bucket List is a happy-go-lucky story on the surface with intense feelings disguised underneath. It’s a breezy story of Ellie, a nerdy nerd, who, after the death of her mother, shut herself from the outside world and immersed herself in studies and detached herself from people outside.

Trying to change her attitude, she decides to crate a bucket list and complete it within a year.  The bucket list starts  comprises of 38 activities from getting detention in class, to donate blood to go to a party.

Daniel, a hot guy helps her in her pursuit to fulfill the list, in exchange for not bothering him with the Peer Support group ( that was another one in the bucket list to help someone as a peer support leader, in which she was assigned to Daniel)

Thus follows their journey to fulfill the bucket list and their challenges, the friendship blooming between them, finding comfort in each other’s company, opening up and relationship growing into something more.

This story is kinda cute to read, with all the fun part making us laugh, to some intense emotions packed in, to feel a less gravity point i the pit of the stomach; which never fails to entertain the readers.

Here’s the link for the story: The Bucket List

Worth a shot, guys!

My Rating: 8.5/10



AUTHOR: HANNAH JAYNE (@HannahJayneAuthor)

GENRE: Mystery, Teen fiction

This plot has a lot of suspense and an abundant dose of mystery with it, which makes the readers to anticipate and guess eagerly about the reasons and about what is going to happen next.

Sawyer, a normal teenager (that’s how she looks for the others), finds herself in middle of a shadowy plot, after the death of her boyfriend, Kevin. Though Kevin and Sawyer looks like the normal kind of couple. they are not. Someone happens to know the unfortunate secret behind their relationship and starts to shadow her. She finds messages in her locker and she is aware of the person following her every move. She finds it hard to confide it with anyone, even with her best friend, Chloe.

Featured image

This story has a lots of twists filled with a little amount of fear, mingled with a surge of excitement as to what is going to get unfolded next. It makes the readers hooked to every word and every movement of development in the story. The climax is filled with great suspense and as one gets to unravel the reason behind, it gets totally surprising and needs some time to digest it.

My rating: 8/10

Enjoy it and do tell me how much you like it!


Hey guys! It has been a long time since I posted. So I wanna post about something more special and compelling to read, so that it makes up for the delay. Here it is, something so inspiring and pressing, that it ignites a spark in the readers as the story progresses.


AUTHOR: Kate J. Squires (Blondeanddangerous)

GENRE: Romance

Irresistible and daring story that not only borders on romance, it blatantly speaks about self confidence and acceptance of oneself. It has a lots of meanings held under the story line.

Evianna, a popular TV host, is adored by millions of fans all over for her charming attitude and her quick reflexes in her talks. Her shows reaches out to millions and she hits off with her fans worldwide. She is not really such a confident person as she portrays herself in from of the screen.So what does such a successful and famous person need?

She is not a size-zero figure as the other TV anchors. In fact, she is fat. She feels self-conscious about herself and had qualms about her attractiveness or the lack of it. She has a charming and handsome co-host, whom she likes, but she does not express her opinions, afraid of rejection based on experience. She thinks that how could such a handsome guy like her back.

She is suddenly put on a new show, which is about going to different places and exploring different professions and interacting with them. Initially reluctant, she later finds an opening eye to accept herself and find herself beautiful as she is. The path through the whole journey of the new show takes her to different places and experience their ways and the backstage happenings, trying to spread peace and joy among those she met and, in return, gaining insights on the way of life, about the way to perceive others and oneself, how to appreciate what one has and be contented and confident about the way she is.

Featured image

This story is a 2014 watty award winner. It actually makes one embrace the way one is, skinny or fat, the way you look and accept yourself and ooze confidence about your appearance is the way others perceive you. It boldly says to your face about one’s most innermost fears getting identified and how to make peace with.

This story just prepares the right recipe for a happy and contented life.

Here’s the link for the story: The Curves Ahead

My rating: 9.5/10

Feel free to comment on your opinions and about how you enjoyed this story!