Hello guys! I’m getting a little irregular nowadays, aren’t I? Though my life is getting a bit hectic, I can never  get over my addiction to wattpad and nor do I want to.

In between my busy schedule, the one story that kept me addicted till the end was [sic].

Since I had previously read a romantic wattpad story, THE HOODIE GIRL, I was browsing to read a story from Mystery genre,when I found this really interesting and weird looking title and thought of giving it a try. Sometimes I just have this habit of not reading the brief intro of the story the author provides, because I do not like to know the details of the story before hand. So the title offering very little information, and me, having no clue as to what the story is, started to read it. Read on to find out my take on it.

TITLE: [sic]



The story is a very refreshing and a new one, nothing like I have ever read, not in wattpad, and not even from the novels I had read. The story revolves around a game, ‘Eureka’. It is not just a fun game, it is based on the psychology of the human mind, on how it responds and accepts the situations that are indirectly spelled out to us by the society.


David, the founder of Eureka, is fascinated by people characterizing themselves based on how the others want us to be. He starts experiments to try to see if he can change the way they perceive themselves and sometimes harming people in the way, but not really caring about its after effects. Jacob, is a friend of David and he, along with five others are involved in playing the game, Eureka, with David.

Eureka is a game in which a person, when tagged, has to change his/her life within 15 minutes. David believed that it brought out people to do things which normally they wouldn’t. As the game went on between these six high school students, there arises jealousy, ego, deception and some hard truth, which changes the their lives totally. But whatever the game did to them, it didn’t matter as they got addicted to it, which was the only source of constant change in their miserable life.

With the bumps along the way comes the real twist, the death of their leader, David.

The story starts off with the death of David, and Jacob explaining all about the game and the things it did to their life.

The story kept me hooked till the end. The author had did a very commendable job of detailing the intricacies of the human tendency, and paralleling it with their lives.

The last message from the story that, change is constant, that it is better to adopt to changes voluntarily, before change forces itself on us, just nailed the whole crux of it.

A brilliantly written piece worth every second to spend!

Here’s the link to the story: [sic]

My rating: 9/10





Hello guys! For this month, my pick is, ‘Confessions about Colton’, which is a thriller story. This story is one of the few mystery stories that kept me in the edge of the seat, from the start to the time I completed it. 

The story opens up right in the middle of the strange plot, where Elliott Parker grieves for the death of his best friend, Colton. There was always a lot of mystery surrounding Colton, like the time he disappeared some time back and no one could find out where he was, but he came back without giving so much as an explanation. But this time, he was gone, for good. 

During the memorial service for his friend, Elliott gets a letter from the murderer of Colton, stating the reason for his murder will be revealed if he  would follow some things he mentioned in the letter and search for the next clue to the letter. 

Elliott was, at first, doubtful to take it up or not, but his curiosity to know the reason for his friend’s death  got the better of him and he started searching for clues and soon one led to an other, and he was baffled by the things he started learning about Colton, that, at one point, he felt like he never knew anything about his best friend. 

The things which were revealed by the clues, exposed a different side of his friend and also some details about what he did during his first disappearance. 
And in comes Colton’s girlfriend and Elliott’s sister into the plot and the mystery kept growing till the very end. 

The climax was the most powerful one of all. The twist in the end was just so unexpected and the plot was handled well. 

Kudos to the author for writing such a gripping tale and revealing things only what the readers needed to know in the beginning and directing the readers towards one thought  and opening out an entirely different thing in the end. ☺ 

Click here to read the story : Confessions about Colton

My rating : 8.5/10


Hey folks! I cannot apologize this time with any valid reason for not updating any reviews. It’s just that I haven’t gotten around to read more wattpad stories. So finally I made myself to select one story to see if its good to review. And once when I started it, there was never stopping until I completed the story. Read on to find out the review of the story that intrigued me!




This is a fiction story based wholly on zombies. When a virus spreads around the whole of world and people starts turning into zombies, Cash, a normal working woman in US, takes a hold of the situation around her and adopts herself to survive in the zombie populated world.

The story just jumps in to the main crux with a no-nonsense attitude, with people turning into zombies. As she escapes, she could see the world literally changing before her eyes with people attacking each other. The world changes from highly populated humans to highly populated zombies and it becomes a very difficult task to survive in this world.


In this scenario, she meets Clutch, ex-military, with whom she stays in as a refugee. And after a few days, the truth sinks in and she realizes that things are never going back to normal and she has to change herself to live in this world.

Thus begins her ordeal to train and fight zombies, the basic sustenance of how humans are surviving and the bigger issue of humans battling humans.

The writer has weaved the story before our eyes and it is a must-read story for people who likes fiction stories.

My rating: 8.5/10

How do you like my review? Do comment below.

I will be back soon with an other interesting review 🙂



Sorry guys! I haven’t been active since the last week because of my final exams. But now that it is over, I’m starting a new phase of my life, which I’m so excited and nervous about. But I’m planning to read and post my reviews no matter how hectic my schedule may become and this is all because of your constant encouragement that keeps me going. So a wanna use this opportunity to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all my favorite readers out there! 😀




Now onto our new concept on ‘Pick of the Month’. For those new viewers of my blog, this pick of the month is a new tag that was started a few months back. I review the best story I have ever read in the previous month as ‘Pick of the Month’ on every first week of a month.

So this month, my pick is a Teen fiction story. Tessa is bullied in her younger ages by the Cole, the notorious bad boy, who makes her life a hell by numerous pranks. If she got a chance to shot anyone on this earth, it would be Cole. That was the strongest feeling she had towards Cole. Jay, Cole’s brother was nothing like him. He was like a Prince Charming to Tessa’s eyes.’The’ Perfect man. The Apple of her eyes. She had a huge crush on him since her childhood but did not say it out to loud to anyone though everyone discreetly knew about it.

bad boy

When they entered their teens, Tessa’s best friend sheds her geeky side and becomes the ‘It’ girl of the school. Whatever the reason was, Tessa never knew, she started distancing herself from Tessa and the worse part is that, she started acting like a bitch to Tessa. She took the place of Cole, tormenting her life in school. All this was ok was Tessa to manage. But what proved to be the most heartless thing a former best friend could do is, make Tessa’s life long crush as her boyfriend!

Tessa was shattered and now enters Cole, who left school in his younger age. Tessa was afraid of his return, but was surprised to see his attention to her different. Though he was constantly mocking her, he protected her and made her feel secure. he guided her and stood by her through various problems in her life, never once leaving his side. Both starts falling for each other.

So what difficulty does this happy pair gonna face?

Read on to find out ->The bad Boy’s girl

My rating: 8.5/10






Hi again guys! My hands have been itching to review it ever since I read this one! But I wanted it to feature in the ‘Pick of the Month’, so here I am, writing out the review of the simple yet so engrossing teen fiction i have ever read! No exaggerations here!

Ok, so the title may sound a little cheesy and sexual(oops!), but the story is not the type of ‘A grade’, like the title suggests, at all! In fact it is a pretty decent one. I was actually having it in my library but never got the inkling to read it unless a week back because of um…..mm, the title(:P) And boy, was I grateful that I read it finally!What do they say about not judging a book by it’s cover.

Riley, had her boyfriend cheat on her with the school devil-cum-diva. She has a new family moving next to her home, among whom is a boy of her age, Alec, who is extremely handsome. By fate both their bedrooms are opposite each other. One night, when he brings in the school jocks and parties in his bedroom, he is given a dare to climb into Riley’s room and bring in her bra. What surprise did she get, when she sees Alec sneaking out of her bedroom with her bra in his hand!

Their own games begin, trying to take revenge for each other and soon get to know each other and becomes close. They get to introduce their friends and hangs out together with their own gang of friends. Riley feels her attraction towards him, but she thinks he is incapable of love because he is of the playboy kind.




Unknown to him, Riley slowly gets inside his heart and he starts to find himself changing and linking her more and more. They start to spend their time in school together, come home and then again spend time together, strengthening their relationship. Riley has a deep secret hidden and because of her ex, it becomes public and she feels humiliated. But Alec stands up for her and saves her day. They become even close, when Riley babysits Alec’s sister and Alec hangs out with Riley’s brother.

The two are so cute together and the writer had written this all up so realistically. Nothing like ‘charms in the story’ kind of stuff here. It glues the readers and makes them want to put the two of the lead pairs together!

A really, really cool story which I would not want any Wattpader to miss!

Check it out here -> The Bad Boy who stole my bra

My rating: 9/10



Hi again! This one, ‘Chasing Red’ is one story which I have waited to complete to review it here. This is one of my favorites for which I would regularly wait for updates regularly. Take a peek in at the review.




This is one of the best romantic story that I have read and I could not wait to review it!

Veronica is easily the gorgeous girl, who is kicked out of her apartment and is on her own. Caleb, the notoriously famous and wealthy guy, gives her place to stay in his house. Soon the attraction between them grows and Caleb tries to pursue her, but is being stopped by the wall that she has built around her.

The small romantic cute little things they do are so adorable! Slowly Veronica comes out of her cocoon and it seems like they have a happy life after that. But it is not so. They are many complications in their relationship, like in the form of Bea, the jealous friend of Caleb, who tries to ruin their magic. Also there are so issues with his mother and between themselves.
download (9)

Even with all the struggles they never drift apart and stay close to each other. In fact their love only increases by manifolds when they are put through such hardships in their relationship.

One may wonder about the title of the story and what that means. So ‘Red’ is practically how Caleb calls her after he first met her in a club wearing a red dress with red lipstick,wasted and drunk, because she has been thrown out of her apartment. And after that, he fondly calls her ‘Red’! So romantic, right?

The review that I have given now does not do justice to the real story at all!

So the hardcore romantics out there, do not miss this one!

The cute relationship and the talks and the love between them makes the readers fall in love with Ver and Caleb again and again.

Here’s the link -> Chasing Red

My rating: 9/10


Hi guys! After a short break from blog due to the excess work in my University, I am back again with a new concept for the blog, ‘Pick of the Month‘! Pick of the Month will be a blog post every month about the wattpad story which I best enjoyed. This will be posted in the first 10 days of the month. Since this idea just sprouted from my head, the post is a little later this month. So stay tuned every month to get the pick of the wattpad! 🙂




This month’s pick is ‘Unhinged’, which falls under the genre ‘Mystery’. I know you guys have had lots of reviews of romantic stories that some men have requested to suggest equal amount of Mystery stories along with the romantic ones. So the first pick of the month is from the requested genre.

Dr.Alexis is a smart young woman who gives love advice on FM station and also holds sessions for couples separately. Alexis’ show is a great hit and everyone loves her. No, not every one. There is one stalker who starts off with harmless hints, but then it culminates into a full blown spree into harming her.

Alexis is with her brother, both of whom were adopted. The one woman show on FM station is changed into a conversation based one, with an attractive male counter part, a Dr.Ryder, with similar background. Things with the stalker guy also starts to whiz around madly out of control and when she can’t take it anymore she shares it with her brother and then follows the suspense of who the guy is.



The ending is however very unique. The author has posed two endings, one with different consequences for the readers to accept whatever they want the ending to be. the circumstances that lead to such scenarios are well tuned and matched for both the endings and it is brilliant!

Kudos to the author for showing a different perspective of the life of a FM host, whih is beyond all glitz and glamour.

Here’s the link -> Unhinged

A must try guys!

My rating: 8.5/10